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ealth Hint #150

Painless Ways to Eat Less without Starving

© American Institute for Preventive Medicine, DonR. Powell PhD

Excerpted from "A Year of Health Hints"
365 Practical Ways to Feel Better and Live Longer

It's not always what you eat that determines whether or not you lose weight. Sometimes, small changes in the way you eat can help eliminate those extra pounds. Try these suggestions.

Eat smaller amounts of food more often, and eat at least half of your intake earlier in the day (to
increase your metabolism). You'll burn off more calories that way. (Eat no more than six times
a day--including snacks--however.)
Use small plates, so portions look larger.
Put less food on your fork or spoon, and take smaller bites.
Chew slowly, and pause between mouthfuls.
Wait 10 minutes before snacking. (The urge might pass.) Don't prepare snacks for other people.
If you feel like bingeing, put on tight clothes--it will discourage you.
Choose more high-fiber and high-water foods like celery, watermelon, and plain popcorn. (You
get more to eat without eating very many calories.)
Mentally imagine yourself thinner--it'll keep you going.
Keep low-calorie snacks easily available.
Never skip breakfast.
Don't eat anything after dinner.
Brush your teeth after every meal. (You'll be less inclined to continue nibbling.)
Eat only if you feel relaxed to avoid "nervous munching."
Take the light bulb out of your refrigerator--it will cut down on "search-and-consume" forays.
Drink lots of water every day, to suppress appetite.
Never starve yourself all day in order to eat a special dinner. (You'll be more likely to overeat.)

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