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nterview with Rudolph Ballentine MD on Radical Healing

Radical Healing
Interview with © Rudolph Ballentine MD
as Interviewed By© Daniel Redwood DC

Homeopathy does have a way of seeing and conceptualizing it, and that's what the miasmatic level of disease is about. That's going to prove to be a whole new frontier for us to explore. And as we explore that, we will then begin to deal with some of the profoundly destructive aspects of the way that we have been existing on this planet, that are causing our ecological disasters and so much of our suffering. It's like we haven't quite penetrated to that, but homeopathy holds one of the keys to not only seeing it and conceptualizing it, but to treating it. So there are actually homeopathic remedies that work at that very deep level, and that can change the whole complexion of what we're struggling with on the planet.

DR: To work at that deep level, would the patient need to have the remedy prescribed by a knowledgeable classical homeopath? Because, unfortunately, there aren't many of those around, at least in North America.

RB: And unfortunately, even knowledgeable classical homeopaths are not always well-versed in the use of miasmatic homeopathy. So I'm afraid that for the moment it remains a frontier.

DR: At the very least, the knowledge is being preserved and not lost.

RB: The potential is there. The point is that the homeopathic approach holds the potential for doing that. That's why I think it will turn out to be a major player.

DR: If you were talking to someone who had no acquaintance with the field of natural health, and they asked where to begin, what would you tell them?

BR:Read Radical Healing. [Laughter]. I would tell them to read the book, and to do some experiential work with yoga or tai chi. Do something that will help with breathing, that will help them become more aware of themselves. Because it is through their experience of what is happening inside themselves that they will really learn about holistic healing. You don't learn it through a book; the book will help, but without the experiential stuff, the book is not going to help enough.

Daniel Redwood, a chiropractor, writer and musician who lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia, is the author of A Time to Heal: How to Reap the Benefits of Holistic Health and Contemporary Chiropractic. Dr. Redwood is also Associate Editor of the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. An extensive collection of his writing is available on the World Wide Web at He can be reached by e-mail at

©1999 by Daniel Redwood

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