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 Conversations Toward a New World View: Intuitively Perceiving the Human Energy Field 
Interview with Carolyn Myss PhD
   as interviewed by Russell E. DiCarlo

Carolyn Myss is a recognized pioneer in the field of energy medicine. With Dr. C. Norman Shealy, Myss has demonstrated a 93% accuracy rate in correctly diagnosing a variety of illnesses using her intuitive ability. Her books include, "The Creation of Health," and "Anatomy of The Spirit."

DiCarlo-Could you describe how your book, "The Creation of Health" came about?

Myss: It was the consequence of my work with Dr. Norman Shealy, the books co-author. People who attended our workshops were very receptive about what we had to talk about and wanted to learn more. As a result, we decided to write this book and articulate the patterns of health and disease. Every single illness has a specific pattern, like a recipe to it. And so we created this textbook, and that's exactly what it is. It's a book that first of all walks you through the reasons why your body loses power, and then what stress causes what illness.

It was the first book to ever be written cooperatively between an intuitive and a physician. In and of itself, the partnership was a statement.

DiCarlo: One aspect of the emerging paradigm of medicine seems to be the cooperation between healers and doctors and intuitive diagnosticians and doctors. In that regard you and Dr. C. Norman Shealy have been pioneers. Is that a trend you feel is likely to continue?

Myss: We're already seeing that. I was recently on a panel for the American Holistic Medical Association with another medical intuitive by the name of Mona Lisa Schulz, who is both a medical doctor and a PhD. She's a very well lettered scholar who happens to be a superb medical intuitive. What I realize now, is that it is unimaginable how many physicians want access to an intuitive-a good one. And there are very few of us. The skill of medical intuition is just now emerging, and it is my hope that it is going to become a profession. It's not as though you decide one day that you are an intuitive just because you may be able to tell when someone is ill and that qualifies you as an intuitive. It requires highly sophisticated skills.

What I have observed in the medical field over the past twelve years, is that more and more physicians are coming to my workshops or I am being invited to teach at their meetings, such as the Holistic American Medical Association. They know that an intuitive is most valuable. Not so much to tell a physician what's wrong with a patient-medical tests do that effectively.

An intuitive is most valuable when a doctor and a patient both know something is wrong, but it's not physically observable yet. I am developing a language to help physicians and patients speak in this zone, where the patient can say, "I'm losing power." That's not a "disease" yet, but it's sure going to be. And a physician worth his or her stripes will say, "You're absolutely right. This is a signal, "May-day, May-day, your going down." The questions become, "where are you losing power? What is it? What's the source?" And if you can reverse the power loss at that level, believe me, you will never see the illness in your body because the law is-"your biography becomes your biology."

DiCarlo: In your work you suggest that these power losses as you call them can be perceived in the human energy field....

Myss: Well, first of all, the human energy field has to be understood differently, and words don't do justice to the structure. The human energy field shouldn't be called that at all, but since we do call it that, we have to now define it very clearly. It's better understood as an information center. Because that's what it is. And that's where you store all your messages. That's where you store all your faxes. That's where you warehouse everything. Your responses to everything and everyone, all your fear-everything-is stored in your energy field. Your responses form patterns that influence your electromagnetic circuitry which then dictate a quality control signal that influences the creation and quality of cell tissue.

It's important to understand that this is an energy system, and if I were queen as they say, I would schedule this subject into our school curriculum. In addition to your basic five sensory subjects-math, history, science-you would learn energy anatomy. You would learn the fundamentals of energy reality, which is: "thought comes before form." Period. End of it. This is not negotiable. And because that is so, guess where we start defining responsibility? Here, in the energy field. This means you would be taught to take responsibility for your attitudes, for the thoughts that you generate because you would be taught that from that moment on, every thought you have has a consequence in the physical world. It is irrelevant to me that you can't see it. You're going to live your life by that fact.

DiCarlo: Maybe you can help me through this. Many people are saying that they do not like the word energy either. They prefer the word information to describe the human energy system. On the other hand, Elmer Green doesn't seem to have an issue with it. He has talked to various healers who have described their healing experiences and say it is similar to working with energy-that it shares some of the same characteristics and properties.

Myss: Well it is energy, but we have never credited energy with having intelligence. That's the gap. Energy is intelligent. It is alive. It is information-energy is information. It is one and the same thing.

We use the word energy, but we're one degree beyond understanding it as electricity. But until you recognize that we are transmitting information, it's invisible so we call it energy. But that's what it is, it's information.

DiCarlo: What is the most compelling evidence that these fields exist?

Myss: My own work. First, is my background as a theologian, in the Christian religion. Everything I ever studied in theology validates this. Everything. My area of theology is mysticism and schizophrenia. I was fascinated why everyone goes mad on their way to God. It's true, it's absolutely true. Nobody ever goes to heaven sane. You have to go quite insane before you get enlightened. But the journey into divine insanity is really the journey into re-aligning your power authority from external to internal. So everything I have ever read, whether in sacred texts or in my own work in medical intuition supports the existence of these energy fields.

I also know from personal experience. The reason I knew about the chakras, or energy centers, is because I saw them. Actually, the word "see" is not quite right. I don't see them and I don't hear them. I've never seen anything. The most magical things I have seen have been on television. As an intuitive, I'm the most undramatic one you'll every find. I have none of those skills-I don't shake, rattle or roll. To watch me in action is actually very boring-it looks like I am daydreaming and that's it. I don't see anything. All I do is start reporting information. I get impressions. How do you describe an impression? If someone was incapable of having an impression or a dream, how would you tell them? What would you say? And that's the challenge I have. But what I "saw" is that information organizes itself in the body. When I encountered the language of chakras, I said, "of course," because I had already organized information that way, in certain zones of the body.

Also, look at the language we use. We have already recognized the existence of these energy centers in our social language. If you gave people biological slang and then asked them, "In which circumstances would you say, ""I've been stabbed in the back?"" And you gave them the following choices: a) when someone doesn't show up for dinner; b) when someone doesn't call you on time; c) when someone does something financial that harms you, they will circle the last statement about the lower back. That's because biologically speaking, the lower back is where you store your finances.

If someone said, "You're a pain in the neck" under what circumstances would they use that phrase? Again, if I gave you the checklist, this, or this, or this, you'd circle exactly the one where they are a pain in the neck, when they talk too much. If I asked, "In which circumstance is this, "just sickening", or "this makes me..." you could fill in any of the anatomical words we use all the time to say exactly what I am saying, although we do it very crudely. We already know everything I am talking about, the only difference is, I've made it a very sophisticated science and everybody else is using street slang.

DiCarlo: Could you describe each of the levels of the human energy field

Myss: I break it down into three levels, which is tribal, individual and symbolic. I cluster the 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakras under what I would call the tribal or the group mind. But instead of looking at each of the chakras individually, I cluster them. So the 1st, 2nd and 3rd are one unit.. 4, 5, 6 and 7 are another. Then there's the 8th, which is the symbolic.

Let's say I was doing a reading of someone's chakras...1st, 2nd and 3rd chakras represent all your material and information that corresponds to your physical life. That's one of the reasons I call it tribal, because all your tribal data is in there. For example, "What country you are from," "what nationality" "what kind of influence has it had on you?" In other words, how you have been tribally programmed.

Now in addition to your biological tribe, your social tribe is in there. So you may come from an Italian background, and I presume therefore Catholic, but you are also going to have a social tribe, meaning you are going to be an American. That's a larger tribal group. Then, because your an American, you are going to have a democratic zone in your biology. So you have your patriotism there. Know what else is in your first chakra? Your coordinates for time and space. I can tell how fast you are aging in that one chakra.

Said another way: these three chakras tell me how linked you are to letting the tribal mind- meaning your biological, social and global tribal mind-control you. Because the stronger you are linked into the tribal mind, the weaker will be your personal willpower. It's directly proportional. So, to say to somebody, "you create your own reality", is a relative truth. It is truth, but you have to water it down, because people who are tribal do not create their own reality. Their tribe does it with them and for them. So they are in the evolutionary stage of the group mind.

At some point, everyone one of us, somewhere along the line-this life, next life-is destined to break free of the tribal mind and develop the upper 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th chakras. It is inevitable. This is the stage of individuation. The 4th thru the 7th chakras have nothing to do with time and space. Only your bottom three do. So, your first second and third tell me:

  1. your biology
  2. your sexuality
  3. your finances
  4. all your control issues with other people
  5. how you interact with others
  6. all your physical contacts
All of this is contained in that stage of your biology and I promise you, that information is in your cell tissue.

Your 3rd chakra has to do with your definition and working relationship with external power. Repeat: external. "Do you give your power away? Do you look for approval from others? Do you take power from others? Are you afraid of criticism? Have you been criticized?" This information is in your cell tissue. Now we draw the line at these lower three-which we can group together and call your personality. Your personality and ego is contained in these lower chakras.

Now, if you were someone who is extremely tribal, for example someone who is in a gang, or someone who can't get out of religion-religion is 1st chakra, spirituality is 7th-there's a difference, yes? If you are completely tribal, then your 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th chakras take their commands from the bottom three. They are completely controlled by that. So now watch...I am sitting in front of an individual who has cancer of the colon, and I say to him, "Now here are your options. In addition to surgery you have to deal with other issues, such as your absolute fear of change. And then there's the issue of losing control because things are moving too fast for you to order." People who get cancer of the colon deal with these kinds of issues. They can't stand losing control. They absolutely can't tolerate it. Why do you think Reagan suffered from it when Gorbechev ascended into power? He was losing global control. Perfect timing I must say.

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