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 The Truth About Beauty: An Interview with Kat James - Part 7 
The following is one in an ongoing series of columns entitled The Truth About Beauty: Journey to Total Transformation® with Kat James by . View all columns in series

Another ingredient to look for in over-the-counter products is Kinetin, although there are very few natural, or even semi-natural ones (my current favorite is Age Eraser with Kinetin from Age Advantage Laboratories). Kinetin was also shown to be comparable in its effectiveness at reducing fine lines and wrinkles, to vitamin A derivatives like Retin A or Renova, without the irritation.

Dear Kat:
I am a thirty seven year old brunette with long curly hair. I am a slave to Frizz Ease, Paul M Sculpting Foam and hairspray. I am so stuck in the eighties and can not find anyone who styles my hair better than myself, yet I want to be free from product and still look refined and sexy. I am tired of looking at other women and wishing my hair did not take so much maintenance. My hair is fine texture and med thickness and lately has been falling out a lot. Please help me get out of my eighties doo!

Thanks, L., Ft. Wayne, In

Dear Lisa,

Those were my favorite products too, once upon a time! I was definitely a slave to my high maintenance (okay, just plain high) hair, which I needed to defy gravity. But I didn't have a book to wake me up to the sheer nasty toxicity of such products, let alone the concept of "shedding " down to simpler regimens and a low-maintenance look that affirm my natural assets. Hair that is overworked does not project self-assuredness and draws too much attention and gives too much construction to our overall look, which detracts from communicating who we really are. We should not "show our hair who's boss", but rather take cues from what it wants to do, and how it changes from day to day.

Regarding the hair loss, in hearing how much you work your hair, and how much product you use, it wouldn't surprise me if the actual stress from pulling on your hair, and also the accumulation of product on your scalp and hair were not causing some of the hair loss and breakage. The very first thing I recommend is that you look at the hair products listed in the resource guide of my book, and also follow my tips on page 187 for getting body without stressing your hair. The product Viviscal (find it a is proven in several independent studies to combat and even reverse hair loss (both stress related and hereditary).

Also, as I describe on p. 188, your cut should yield to and soften, not dominate your features and facial shape, and it should work with the wave in your hair. Allowing maximum movement. Natural wave works better with layers than a blunt cut. If your hair is ridiculously frizzy or dry, look into your diet as well. You may need to eat more good fat, or look into the quality of your digestion. Use a hair chamois to dry your hair as much as possible without blow-drying (see resouce guide in my book for hair chamois sources).

Keep in mind that silicone de-frizzing products can actually dry out the hair over time, and block the actions of sebum on the hair, which are irreplaceable for keeping it healthy and beautiful. If your hair is still dry or fly-away after using a leave-on conditioner and doing the above body building techniques described on p. 187, then look for jojoba, almond or avocado oil-based hair oils at the health food store (Morrocco Method products, named after Peter Morrocco, are some of the best oils I've found at health food stores, also available at www.morrocco and apply, avoiding the hair roots, when the hair is still wet, before you use the technique.

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