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 The Truth About Beauty: An Interview with Kat James - Part 7 
The following is one in an ongoing series of columns entitled The Truth About Beauty: Journey to Total Transformation® with Kat James by . View all columns in series

HealthWorld: Kat, in The Truth About Beauty, you follow the Skin Strategy Makeover chart with a chapter called "The Bathroom Cabinet Makeover." Can you tell us what your goal was with that chapter and give us a sampling of some of those upgrades?

Kat James: My goal was to point out the established harm hiding in our bathroom cabinets and to illuminate the numerous healthier solutions for almost any issue that would make us reach into our bathroom cabinets.

For example, it is now proven that the most common synthetic sunscreen ingredients (and unfortunately they are used in most, though not all so-called "natural" sunscreen products) accumulate in the breasts of animals and have estrogenic effects. This is particularly alarming for something we are instructed by health professionals to slather on much of our bodies every day. Completely effective and totally healthy alternatives exist. Some in downscale products that leave you "white." Some in award-winning, fine sprays such as Lavera's Family Sun Spray, listed in my book's resource guide.

The insect repellant DEET is shockingly dangerous (can cause brain deficits in vulnerable populations, like CHILDREN, according to a Duke University Health Note), even when compared with sunscreens. It is exciting that there are some high-tech natural insect repellants, like the one listed in resources by Herbal Armor. Conventional hair loss drugs are also rife with problems and unpredictable issues, including heart changes or reproductive and sexual disfunctions. Natural hair loss treatments like the slew of DHT-blocking products (DHT is a type of testosterone that is associated with male pattern baldness), Nitric Oxide products or the marine protein found in Viviscal products have proven effects, and in some studies have worked as well as conventional drugs without negative side-effects.

Between the Skin Strategy Makeover chart and the Bathroom Cabinet Makeover, there are dozens more upgrades, each of which could improve your health, and in combination could really lift some major burdens to your quality of life, both short-, and especially long-term. These are the types of nitty-gritty changes that can change your physical destiny.

To learn more about the lifestyle upgrades Kat James recommends, including specific brands, read her acclaimed new book, The Truth About Beauty (LINK to For information on Kat's February 1st Total Transformation® Cruise, log on at

Q & A:
Kat James Answers Your Questions
Ask author Kat James your question by clicking here (by submitting your questions you will become a part of HealthWorlds' as well as Kat James' mailing lists). We regret that Kat cannot answer every question.

Dear Kat,

I attended your seminar at a Mothers's market about one month ago. There you mentioned another product that you believed to be more helpful than retin A in keeping one's appearance youthful and even addressing acne. I hope you can remember what product you meant and let me know what the name of it is.


E. T.

Dear E.,
I think I was referring to Azelaic acid for acne, which is available by prescription, although it is derived from wheat, though somewhat processed. Studies have shown that it is much, much better tolerated, less irritating and equally effective as prescription wrinkle and acne products, and can also fade hyperpigmentation, like melasma, without the toxicity of products like hydroquinone.

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