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 The Truth About Beauty: An Interview with Kat James - Part 6 
The following is one in an ongoing series of columns entitled The Truth About Beauty: Journey to Total Transformation® with Kat James by . View all columns in series

Next Week (Nov. 10th) Kat takes HealthWorld readers through a preliminary process of "shedding" skincare assaults, re-evaluating what goes on your body and a preview of her "bathroom cabinet makeover".

To learn more about the lifestyle upgrades Kat James recommends, including specific brands, read her acclaimed new book, The Truth About Beauty (LINK to For information on Kat's February 1st Total Transformation® Cruise, log on at

Q & A:
Kat James Answers Your Questions

Ask author Kat James your question by clicking here (by submitting your questions you will become a part of HealthWorlds' as well as Kat James' mailing lists). We regret that Kat cannot answer every question.

Dear Kat:
On pg. 161 in your book you recommend a High-potency multivitamin. There are so many. Which does she take? If you're generally in good health or without any dis-ease; do you still take all recommended supplements. I feel a little intimidated, is there a maintenance-regimen regarding the supplementation?

T. T. Redlands, CA

Dear T. T.,
Be sure to read on, particularly on page 169, where I suggest an overall approach and mention some cautions and tips when starting a supplement regimen. I've made clear charts showing which supplements address which issues, such as weight-related issues like blood sugar or thyroid issues, so it wouldn't make sense to take all of them. What does make the most sense is to really look into your health issues and don't simply seek a prescription in lieu of deeper knowledge of your health issues. Most importantly, in response to your question, I repeatedly stress the importance of customizing your regimen to your specific health needs and evolving as those needs change. The best way to do that is with the help of a nutrition-oriented doctor. You'll find resources, like HealthWorld are very helpful with their referral networks of informed physicians. That said, on pp. 270-271 I've listed several of the best supplement regimens and brands, although the list is not by any means a complete list of great regimens.

Dear Kat,
I have been concerned about the chlorine in my tap water for some time, what you say in your book has convinced me I want to rectify it. If I do a shower filter, then what about when I wash my face at the sink? What do you think about systems that clear out the chlorine for all the water in my house?


P.S. I love your book! There is so much info I want to keep with me when I shop that I am compiling a small spreadsheet I can access from my Palm Pilot. Thanks for compiling such needed information.

Dear Lisa,
If you've read page 182 of my book, you surely see the value of a whole-house system, or at least both a shower filter and a faucet filter. I fill my bath from my shower filter and wash my face with the shower water. I once had dry and irritated skin, but no more. Part of the improvement was from supplements, but much of it was also from upgrading to purified water. When I stay with a friend or at a hotel and bathe in chlorinated water, I immediately sense irritation. l advise you to invest, if possible in one of the top-rated systems, such as Multi-Pure or Doulton, which exceed NSF Standards. For the shower, be sure to buy a filter with KDF technology.

Kat answers your questions: Ask Kat your question by clicking here (by submitting your questions you will become a part of Kat James’ InformedBeauty mailing lists)

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