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he Truth About Beauty: Journey to Total Transformation® with Kat James

The Truth About Beauty: An Interview with Kat James - Part 3

© Kat James

The following is one in an ongoing series of columns entitled The Truth About Beauty: Journey to Total Transformation® with Kat James by Kat James . View all columns in series

HealthWorld: What makes this cruise different from other health, diet or fitness cruises?

Kat James: While all of the fitness facilities and classes are still included as part of the ship’s amenities, I have really tried to offer things that are ordinarily not readily available on other cruises or land-base programs, such as the practical and personal aspects of seminars and the dawn-to-dusk details that make a real difference, like the herbal nightcaps and strategic snack. In everything I do — whether it’s a private consultation, an evening program, a weekend workshop or a 14-day cruise — my approach is all about doing, not just telling. Sampling, tasting, applying and experiencing. Throughout Total Transformation®, participants are living my program, not just during the seminars or only at mealtimes. I simulate real life by catering to whims and unexpected cravings (like chocolate cravings, answered with sugar-free chocolate) and tastes. I call Total Transformation® “the purest days of your life” because in addition to being freed of so many negative food issues, guests drink my freshly extracted, organic detox elixirs each morning, eat purely decadent, yet slimming food, use the purest personal care products, and are given a fresh new look by celebrity stylists, with my favorite high-end natural cosmetics and self-affirming techniques that inspire and augment vitality as they achieve it from the inside-out.

HealthWorld: What type of physical rewards to participants generally experience?

Kat James: The actual physical rewards generally begin be felt as early as day two of the cruise. Independent of the fabulous makeover — which can dramatically transform one’s outlook, even once the natural makeup is washed off — the reflection in the mirror is often changed for participants by the end of the first week. Here are the typical rewards:

Day 2-3: Diminished facial and abdomen puffiness. Improved sleep.
Day 4-6: Looser clothes, diminished cravings.
Day 7-8: A transformed biochemical relationship with food, and an evolved palate. Much looser clothes and more comfortable skin.

The effects continue, and more features for improving and reinforcing results are experienced in the 14-day program, although the entire program and the principles for achieving continued transformation on your own are well in place by day 7.

Here’s what past participants of both the land and sea-based programs have said.

"On Total Transformation® (Cruise) in 2000 I obtained information that rid me of the welts, hives and itch I had for years. It is all gone thanks to that info. My next agenda for Total Transformation® Cruise in February 2004 is my weight, or as Kat points out to be more important, the health issues that dominate it."

- Hulda C., Philadelphia, PA

"My clothes were looser within the first few days. With Kat’s inspiration and the journey of my own discovery which she encouraged I have dropped twenty-seven pounds and without suffering or self-deprivation. Kat freed me of that road."

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