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 The Healing Potential in a Word (Part 5)* 
The following is one in an ongoing series of columns entitled Wholistic Spiritual Healing by . View all columns in series

Words, wisely used, are avenues to healing

Denial of death
Western medicine tip-toes around mention of death. Avoiding naming what every person is going to face denies respants the opportunity to deal with their anxieties and fears. Most doctors are not trained to deal with end of life issues, and therefore avoid them. This is worsened by Western society’s general tendency to deny and avoid dealing with death, doing everything possible to prolong life at all costs.

Benor, Daniel J. Healing Research, Volume II: (Popular edition) How Can I Heal What Hurts? Wholistic Healing and Bioenergies, Medford, NJ: Wholistic Healing Publications 2005 0-9754248-3-1 Popular edition Explains self-healing, wholistic complementary/ alternative medicine (CAM) and bioenergies, and discusses ways in which you can heal yourself.

Benor, Daniel J. Healing Research, Volume II: (Professional edition) Consciousness, Bioenergy and Healing, Medford, NJ: Wholistic Healing Publications 2004. ISBN 0-9754248-0-7 Thorough review of research validating the efficacy of self-healing, wholistic complementary/ alternative medicine (CAM), biological energies, and environmental interactions with bioenergies. “Book of the Year” award - The Scientific and Medical Network

Green, Elmer/Green, Alyce: Beyond Biofeedback. New York: Delta/Dell 1977.

Green, Elmer/Green, Alyce: Biofeedback and states of consciousness. In: Wolman, Benjamin B./Ullman, Montague (Eds): Handbook of States of Consciousness. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold 1986.

*An expanded version of this article appears in Benor, DJ, In a Word, International J of Healing and Caring – On Line, January, 2001, 1-8.

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 About The Author
Daniel J. Benor, M.D. - wholistic psychiatric psychotherapist including bodymind approaches, spiritual awareness and healing in his practice. Author of Healing Research, Volumes I-IV, he is a Founding Diplomate of the......moreDaniel Benor MD
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