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 The Body (Part 6) - Physical, bodymind, energetic, and potential doorway to spiritual awareness 
The following is one in an ongoing series of columns entitled Wholistic Spiritual Healing by . View all columns in series

The difficulty in any use of intuition is that intuitive information appears to enter consciousness via the deeper parts of the brain or mind, much like dreams do. As intuitive awarenesses surface to consciousness, they may become distorted by various images and mental associations. You may, for instance, intuit an image of the President having a heart attack. You check the news media and find that no such thing happened. A few days later, however, you hear that your high school gym teacher, who was an important person in your life, was hospitalized with a heart attack. It would appear that the Unconscious mind has used the image of the President as a vehicle to bring to your Conscious mind something the Unconsciou has picked up that is important to you.

Skeptics will say any such experience is pure coincidence and that AK and alleged psychic phenomena are no more than chance events that happen to occur at or about the same time.

Exercise (2) shows us that factors other than our thinking mind may influence these muscle responses. If we have particular feelings about the questions asked, or if we have psychological associations to the questions that evoke feelings, our muscle responses may reflect these feelings rather than the answers to the questions being asked. Many other factors could influence these muscle responses. You must therefore be cautious in accepting the answers your body gives you. There will always be leeway for several possible interpretations to your responses, and a significant margin of error. While this may be discouraging to those who want a system that is completely reliable, this is the way your intuition speaks through your body and we must accept it and work with it the best we can if we are to access our intuition this way. If you seek transpersonal information from outside your own experience and fund of knowledge, where does this come from? Extrasensory perceptions (ESP) can bring us information from the minds of anyone, anywhere. Time is not a barrier, so information from the past and future is also available. We can thus access the collective conscious of all of mankind. Whom we access, however, may make a big difference in the answers we get to our questions. You probably wouldn’t accept advice from just anyone on the street, nor should you seek or accept uncritically advice which comes transpersonally from unselected sources.

So how do you assure that you get good advice when you use kinesiology? My recommendation is that you should put out your questions with the request that they should be answered from the highest possible source, for the highest possible good of all. Sometimes this may mean that your own needs are bent to the needs of the collective. This may be one explanation for apparently negative responses (relative to our personal expectations) to our questions, healing wishes and prayers. What may appear to be negative or erroneous responses to questions from your present personal perspective may turn out to be a positive response for you in the light of future developments or in the context of a greater whole – within which your question may have implications that you cannot foresee or understand.

Research in kinesiology has produced very mixed results. While some studies have shown significant effects, others have not. Many researchers have despaired that this is an unreliable test. My own impression is that its reliability is dependent on the mental and emotional clarity and steadiness of the people doing the testing.

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 About The Author
Daniel J. Benor, M.D. - wholistic psychiatric psychotherapist including bodymind approaches, spiritual awareness and healing in his practice. Author of Healing Research, Volumes I-IV, he is a Founding Diplomate of the......moreDaniel Benor MD
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