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ntegrator Blog

From Alternative Medicine a Definitive Guide to the Wellness Inventory - An Interview with Pioneering Entrepreneur Jim Strohecker

© John Weeks

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"Now, as we launch our newly
redesigned site, we find ourselves
moving into a stronger focus on
wellness and healthy living."

We quickly learned the challenges of pioneers and early adapters, as no one had any real idea of what would work and what would not in this emerging medium. Some of our ideas worked beautifully and succeeded. Other “great” ideas met with a surprising and resounding thud once they went live. It was too early on the web for anyone to be an expert, and there were really no consultants. We were on our own. We needed to constantly be creative and adapt.

And now, as we launch our newly redesigned site, we find ourselves moving into a stronger focus on wellness and healthy living. With the growing acceptance of CAM practices and the movement towards Integrative Health or Integrative Medicine, we feel that “alternative medicine” has both evolved into a more coherent field and that is becoming more deeply integrated into our overall culture, we feel that the new frontier is personal wellness – what the individual is able and willing to do maintain their overall health and wellbeing.

Integrator: You have shared that the culture in which you were operating had begun to change by the mid-1990s. Could you comment on that.

Strohecker: As I mentioned previously, the environment in the early 1990s was very hostile, on all fronts, to what we then called alternative medicine. Consumers were still suspicious and mistrustful, often ridiculing family members, friends or associates who received alternative treatments, took supplements or herbs, or meditated or practiced yoga. Then, the tide slowly began to turn with the creation of the Office of Alternative Medicine in the early 1990s, passage of DSHEA, the release of our book, Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide, the launching of HealthWorld Online, the diligence of tens of thousands of practitioners of “alternative” modalities, a host of other related factors.

There was a stronger embrace by consumers, more openness from conventional practitioners, the government and the media. But, at the same time there seemed to be a stiffening of resistance and opposition in some quarters. It was really a crack in the door. And over the last 15 years, the crack has grown much larger.

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Resumes are useful in employment decisions. I provide this background so that you may understand what informs the work which you may employ in your own. I have been involved as an organizer-writer in the emerging fields of complementary, alternative and integrative medicine since 1983. Happily, I have learned some things. I was once called an "expert in alternative medicine" by......more
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