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 10 Tips for Staying Healthy in Spring 
The following is one in an ongoing series of columns entitled Staying Healthy Tips by . View all columns in series

6. SPROUTS are likely the highest quality and most vital foods we can eat in that they contain high amounts of many vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. When you think that sprouts are live growing plants, even at the moment we eat them, they contain live nutrition and are part of most healthy diets. People eating a raw foods diet consume sprout salads with olive oil, fresh lemon, and even some added seaweed; this is high-level nutrition. My favorite sprouts are red lentils, mung, and garbanzo beans. I might add a handful of these to a bowl of hot rice, a few slices of avocado, a splash of olive oil, and a little gomasio (toasted sesame seeds and sea salt). Yum! You can read about sprouting in my Staying Healthy with Nutrition and Seasons books.

7. NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS can support you with a greater amount of physical energy, enhancing your Spring and Summer activities. The B-complex vitamins are calming to the nervous system and are helpful for cellular energy production, and their taste on your skin may even help keep the bugs from biting you. Vitamin C and the other antioxidants protect your body from stress, chemical pollutants, and the biochemical by-products of exercise. During detoxification you'll want more antioxidants, especially vitamin E (400-800 IUs) and selenium (200-300 mcg) for detoxifying chemicals. Also, the carotenes with some straight vitamin A and zinc will round out the antioxidant regimen. Alpha-lipoic acid has gotten much press lately as a good antioxidant and liver protector; during detox we are supported by 50-100 mg once or twice daily. Calcium and magnesium can be used during periods of anxiety or insomnia to calm the body's nervous system and muscles.

8. Many HERBS are useful during the spring season because they aid detoxification. Bowel cleansing herbs include senna leaf, cascara sagrada, and slippery elm bark. Dandelion and milk thistle leaves strengthen and protect the liver and help its healing. Licorice root will help energy balance and digestion, as well as support the adrenals for stress. You can also do an Herbal Steam Bath by placing some herbs in boiling water on the stove for a few minutes, quickly taking them off the heat. Let steep a few minutes, and then set the pot on a trivet on your table. Get a towel, cover your head, and uncover the pot, and let the herbal steam vapors cleanse your skin and sinuses. Herbs to use include peppermint or spearmint, rosemary or lavender, and rose petals are nice as well.

9. Use the spring months to CLARIFY YOUR PLANS and deepen the potential spiritual awakening or progress. Keep a journal to create the reflection and clarity that will serve your Spring enlightenment. Where and how are you now? Where do you wish to be in a couple months? What will it take for you to move in that direction? Change can be difficult, yet it doesn't really have to be if you will allow the inspiration and motivation to arise from within and fill your cells and body, your brain and heart. Just make a start, and a space for your enlightenment!

10. Above all, give yourself the time to truly experience NATURE. Take some time to be outdoors and play. Enjoy the Spring winds and breezes. Rekindling your Earth connection has benefits that last beyond this season, continuing to enrich the whole of your life. This can happen, even in a city park, if you relax and let in your surroundings; surrender to Nature?s silence and embrace. Breathe in the life of Spring. Did you know that there is a consistent vibration that scientists call The Schumann Resonance? It is the vibration of the planet earth and is about eight cycles per second; that?s in the alpha rhythm of our brain waves. Connecting with the Earth?s vibration can help us relax, and when we relax and get out of the way, we can heal. And remember to smell the flowers.

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Elson M. Haas, MD is founder & Director of the Preventive Medical Center of Marin (since 1984), an Integrated Health Care Facility in San Rafael, CA and author of many books on Health and Nutrition, including ...moreElson Haas MD
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