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 10 Tips for Healthy Travels  
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Store your supplements out of the sun or in the cooler. Herbs like Siberian ginseng may also help you deal with the stress of travel. When traveling across time zones, melatonin taken at your new bedtime can help reset your biologic time clock. Even low doses can be effective, so easy does it. The Emergen-C packets with extra B-vitamins and minerals are also very helpful for travel and exercise replenishment. Put a pack in your water.

  • Get Back on Track – If you do eat the wrong foods in your travels (or on any dietary program), either out of necessity or lack of proper nutritional preparation, take steps to get back on the right track. Carry simple remedies with you, such as antacids or baking soda, acidophilus culture for upset stomachs, zinc lozenges for sore throats, as well as Echinacea with golden seal to protect yourself from bacterial monsters moving in on you and ruining your vacation time.

    Another nutritional aid is flaxseed oil liquid or capsules; keep in a cool, dark place if not refrigerated. If you become excessively dry, take a few caps or a tablespoon twice daily, as this will give your body the right lubrication.

  • More Tips
    • Leave no trash trace, and carry a recyclable garbage bag. Compact and nutritious nuts and seeds or 'trail mixes' are good for hiking. However, watch out for trail mixes that are too high in sugars such as chocolate pieces and excess dried fruits. You can fortify your trail mixes by adding extra of your favorite nuts and seeds.
    • Bug proof your vacation. Be prepared. Check out the new, non-chemical bug repellants before you begin your nature journeys and make sure you can tolerate the aroma and that it prevents the types of bites and stings you might encounter. Be aware of other creatures such as ticks, bees, or snakes--they live here too! Inform yourself about how to avoid problems, such as Lyme Disease. Take info on who to call or where to go if anything does happen. If you do get stung, the ice in the cooler is one of your best instant healers; also carry some fresh aloe leaves in the cooler and soothe your sun exposure.
    • For all activities, practice safety. Make sure you have life jackets for water play, and that they are up to safety standards. Children and seniors should be watched by a qualified swimmer who has had some training in prevention and in what to do if something should happen. Use common sense for any hazards you encounter, and above all, have fun.
    • Prepare your home before you go away so that when you arrive back, things are organized and you can relax from the adventure of your journey. Keep a journal, pursue plant identification, and what about those birds? Are they orioles, finches, or woodpeckers? Take some light weight binoculars so you can track what you are seeing, or if you'll be away from cities, take a portable telescope to better see the night sky and become part of the cosmos from which you are made. Connecting with Nature can be so awesome and replenishing.
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     About The Author
    Elson M. Haas, MD is founder & Director of the Preventive Medical Center of Marin (since 1984), an Integrated Health Care Facility in San Rafael, CA and author of many books on Health and Nutrition, including ...moreElson Haas MD
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