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Whole-Person Wellness - A 21st Century Solution

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Go on a Year-Long Personal Wellness Journey

The Wellness Inventory ( takes you on a year-long wellness journey. The program is described in the following 5 steps:

Step 1—Assessment: Complete a lifestyle assessment covering 12 dimensions of whole-person wellness. The assessment is educational in nature and helps to create awareness of how one’s lifestyle, attitudes and behavior influence health and well-being.

Step 2—Wellness Scores: You will receive Wellness and Satisfaction Scores for each of the 12 dimensions of wellness. You will also learn your areas of strength as well as the areas you are most motivated to change.

Step 3—Personal Wellness Plan: Create a personal wellness action plan comprised of 3-5 wellness action steps in the key areas you are most motivated to change. As you progress on your wellness journey, you may edit and update your wellness plan.

Step 4—Tools to Help You Reach Your Wellness Goals: Utilize a suite of tools to help you follow your wellness plan and meet your goals.

  • Weekly Email Reminders with Personal Wellness Plan
  • My Wellness Journal to record your observations and progress
  • Wellness Self-Study Center
  • Test Comparison Feature
Step 5—Resources for Ongoing Wellness: Access resources and services, including recommended reading and educational audio programs to help you learn to maintain a higher state of well-being and vitality.

Wellness Coaching: Coaching can greatly accelerate this 5-step process by providing the support and accountability that increase your chances for success in meeting your goals. Coaching is available direct to consumers or in organizational settings.

Custom Corporate Wellness Program

Here is an outline of a potential corporate wellness program utilizing the Wellness Inventory:

1. Individual Employee Assessment: Administer Wellness Inventory to employees at beginning of wellness program.

2. Wellness Coaching: Offer wellness coaching to help employees who need assistance and motivation in formulating their personalized wellness action plan. Optional: additional coaching for at-risk employees and management.

3. Monthly Wellness Workshops: Ongoing employee education and motivation through a monthly workshop series covering the 12 dimensions of lifestyle in the Wellness Inventory.

4. Wellness e-newsletter: Sent through the e-mail broadcast feature.

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About The Author
James Strohecker, HealthWorld Online's President and co-founder, brings a deep, personal commitment to's vision and mission as well as to the success and growth of the company. An e-health pioneer and wellness visionary, he has focused on bringing fundamental wellness principles from the world's great healing and wellbeing traditions into mainstream cultural awareness......more
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