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Whole Person Wellness Program Wellness Model
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 Wellness Programs: Whole-Person Wellness - A 21st Century Solution 

The Wellness Inventory—A Whole-Person Wellness Program
Today, we have come full circle. E-health pioneer HealthWorld Online ( and Dr. Travis have collaborated to create a greatly enhanced online version of the Wellness Inventory to meet our society’s current wellness needs. The Wellness Inventory is an interactive, whole-person wellness program designed to help individuals gain personal insight into their state of physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness and to take more responsibility for their personal health and wellness. The program revolves around assessment in the 12 dimensions of wellness in Dr. Travis’ Wellness Energy System (see diagram B). The assessment is educational in nature and helps to create awareness of how one’s lifestyle, attitudes and behavior influence one’s state of health and well-being.

The program focuses on the areas of your life you are most motivated to change (as revealed in the assessment) offering guidance, tools and resources to transform this new awareness into lasting changes in one’s life, including a renewed sense of health and well-being. The Wellness Inventory may be utilized directly by individuals at and may also be delivered in organizational settings.

12 Dimensions of Wellness—The Wellness Energy System
The Wellness Energy System, conceived by John W. Travis, MD, MPH, represents a whole-person approach to wellness. The system has twelve components.three are the major sources of energy input: eating, breathing, and sensing; and nine are forms of energy output: self-responsibility and love, moving, feeling, communicating, thinking, intimacy and sex, working and playing, finding meaning, and transcending.

A Flexible Wellness Solution
The Wellness Inventory offers maximum flexibility for implementation in a wide range of settings, including corporate wellness programs, hospitals, spas, health practitioners, life coaches, government agencies, and churches. Reporting, coaching and communication tools for licensing organizations facilitate individual and group needs assessment, one-on-one coaching, increased levels of participation in a wellness program, and ongoing wellness education. For health professionals, the Wellness Inventory is an effective tool for “teaching their patients to be well” and for laying the foundation for a broader wellness program that integrates their own key areas of specialization. For life coaches, it is an invaluable tool to help determine a clientfs readiness or change and to aid in the coaching process to keep them motivated to reach their goals. For spas, the Wellness Inventory may be central to a year-round guest engagement program.

For companies or organizations, the Wellness Inventory may be utilized as the centerpiece of a custom wellness solution. Optional wellness program components that may be built around the Wellness Inventory include wellness coaching, monthly workshops, wellness e-newsletters, and specific modules such as resiliency training, nutrition, or a walking program.

For a personal or organizational wellness initiative to have its greatest chance of success in the 21st century, it is important to have a strong focus on self-responsibility, personal and collective readiness to change, and a personalized, whole-person perspective.

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James Strohecker James Strohecker, HealthWorld Online's President and co-founder, brings a deep, personal commitment to's vision and mission as well as to the success and growth of the company. An e-health pioneer and......more
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