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 Mind/Body Medicine: Wellness, Self-Care, and Optimal Performance 


Experience the healing imagery that follows, or that on tape 10 or tape16). Repeat this Experience several times in a week so that its principles are understood. The images used are based upon the concept that the coherent energy that formed your body can be focused by creating your internal image of the organ becoming healed, then letting the body (which, after all, has had vast healing experience) allow this to come about through positive programming. Reinforcement stems from your internal desire to get well fast, and your joy that your body is healing rapidly.

This Experience is based on the kind of healing imagery that has been used by many cultures around the world for many centuries.

A. Physical Relaxation
Begin by being aware of the area or process within your body in which you wish to facilitate healing. Allow your body to sit or lie comfortably and let your eyelids close. Allow your eyes to roll upward behind your closed eyelids, and imagine you can see the word Relax on the inside of your forehead. When you feel your eyelids have become so relaxed they don't want to open at all, gently test them, and as you do, let a wave of relaxation flow throughout all the rest of your body. Feel it flow into the forehead, scalp, muscles of the face, lips, and jaw muscles. Feel your jaw gently dropping open.

Let the relaxation flow down into your neck and your shoulders, and let it cascade over your back like a cape. Allow relaxation to flow down your arms to your wrists, your hands, and your fingertips.

Take a deep breath in, draw the relaxation up from the tips of your fingers into the center of your chest, and as you let this breath out, let it be a feeling of letting go, like a balloon letting out all the air, becoming completely flat and relaxed. Let the air breathe for you. Feel the rising and falling of your abdomen with each breath, and let this rising and falling relax your internal organs.

With each breath let the air breathe for you. Let the air breathe relaxation to the pelvis, thighs, knees, legs, ankles, and feet, all the way down to the tips of the toes.

You may double this relaxation, if you wish, by opening and closing the eyelids and again sending relaxation from the eyelids throughout the rest of the body. (Three to five minutes)

B. Mental Relaxation
Imagine you are standing at the top of a circular staircase at the edge of a beach. Count from ten down to zero. As you count, imagine you are descending the staircase, walking slowly down and around. Feel yourself going deeper, and any time unnecessary thoughts enter your mind, imagine an ocean wave washes through, erasing the thought like words being erased from the sand. You should feel extremely calm when you reach the count of zero; if not, you may take ten slow steps along the beach, sensing the soft sand and the warm water and letting them relax you. (One minute)

C. Imagery: Healing
Imagine that you can travel down inside your body. You might imagine that your consciousness enters a little submarine about the size of an aspirin. Imagine swallowing the submarine and it shrinking to become so small it can enter your bloodstream. Imagine traveling through your bloodstream to the area of your body in which you wish to facilitate the healing.

You may find other imagery that appeals to you for getting a look at this part of your body. You might imagine that you are riding on a small balloon the size of a molecule of oxygen, and that by taking a deep breath in, you breathe yourself into your body, and travel through the wall of your lung to the part of your body that needs to be healed. Or you may imagine you have inside your body a little television camera that can show you the image of the part of your body you wish to heal. You may use these or any other images to help you form an image of this area of your body.

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