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 What Doctors Don't Tell You: Vestibulitis and labyrinthitis 
What Doctors Don't Tell You © (Volume 12, Issue 7)

None of these measures is curative and, at best, they represent a solution only so long as you are taking them. Doctors note that vestibulitis can go away by itself, but it may take months or even years to do so.

With nothing that works in their medicine chest, doctors are now turning to surgery that seeks to cut out the offending tissue and reassemble what’s left. In a study in which 69 women who’d had such surgery were sent a questionnaire, 78 per cent responded. Altogether, 45 patients - 85 per cent of the responders - reported moderate-to-excellent improvement after surgery.

Nevertheless, seven women had to have repeat surgery and, out of those, three noted no improvement. After surgery, 34 per cent of these patients still required ‘conservative treatment’ - that is, the pills or creams - so they were effectively no better off than they had been before the operations.

Although nothing short of surgery in conventional medicine offers a cure, a number of alternative remedies have proved successful.

An often overlooked cause of the condition is a generalised or specific Candida infection. In one study (J Reprod Med, 1998; 43: 952-8), researchers discovered that, of the women complaining of pain during sexual penetration, nearly one-third had candidiasis.

The researchers also discovered that, in women where a cause for coital pain couldn’t be found, there were no increases in stress, anxiety or depression, indicating that these women were not psychologically disturbed.

In some cases, when doctors suspect a yeast infection, they will prescribe an oral antifungal, such as fluconazole (Diflucan).

Nevertheless, doctors often don’t appreciate that the problem is not limited to the vagina, but instead is present as a systemic infection affecting the whole of the body. In this case, a single or short course of antifungals will not be sufficient to get the yeast overgrowth under control.

Before you submit to surgery, with all its attendant risks, you may wish to consult an alternative practitioner or nutritional doctor who has experience in successfully treating Candida and can therefore determine if you have a yeast overgrowth. If this is found to be your problem, you will need to embark on a course of treatment using conventional or alternative antifungals and an anti-Candida regime. Although this used to be more or less a life sentence, these days, experienced practitioners can cure chronic cases of candidiasis in as little as one month (see WDDTY’s new The Candida and ME Handbook for a selection of specific regimes that may work for you).

If an anti-Candida regime doesn’t resolve the problem, you could try one of several other tried-and-tested approaches. Some have had success with pelvic-floor muscle rehabilitation. In one study, the patients themselves were able to monitor whether their exercises were working with the use of electronic biofeedback.

In this study, the researchers provided patients with portable electromyographic biofeedback instruments as well as instructions on how to do daily biofeedback-assisted pelvic-floor muscle rehabilitation exercises. After four months, they found that the patients’ pelvic-floor muscle contractions had increased by 95 per cent. Subjective reports of pain decreased by an average of 83 per cent, and 22 of the 28 patients were able to resume sexual intercourse by the end of the treatment period (J Reprod Med, 1995; 40: 283-90).

In a follow-up study of 29 patients using the same technique, a little over half reported markedly decreased tenderness, and 69 per cent of the women became sexually active again. By the end of the treatment, 89 per cent reported negligible or mild pain.

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