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 Vaccination Center: Vaccination in Animals 
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Mike Kohn, DVM, Madison, USA, said: "Unfortunately our society is in the grasp of a health panacea and this panacea is fuelled by the biomedical and pharmaceutical industries. Vaccinations have become the modern day equivalent of leeching. First of all, introducing foreign material via subcutaneous or intramuscular injection is upsetting to the body's defense system. In response to this violation, there have been increased autoimmune disease (allergies being one component), epilepsy, neoplasia, as well as behavioural problems in small animals.

"Even though man and animals have been around for thousands of years, formal vaccines were introduced within the last century. Interestingly, the increase in cancer, respiratory disorders (most air quality standards are higher today than in decades past), and autoimmune problems have likewise escalated alarmingly during the previous decade. Vaccines are not the only culprit for these increases; however, I feel they are one of the primary offenders."

Kristine Severyn, R. PH., PH.D., Director, Ohio Parents for Vaccine Safety said: "Vaccines are not always effective, safety is unproven, and long-term consequences are unknown. Despite this the government requires their use, resulting in a lack of incentive for drug companies to produce better products. Additionally, mandatory vaccine laws make it impossible to conduct properly controlled studies, so we'll never know if vaccines are truly safe, as is claimed by the government and medical profession.

Similar to other medical procedures, the right of informed consent. i.e., the right to say 'no', should apply to vaccines."

Norman C Ralston, DVM, Mesquite, USA, said: " I think we eventually have to take a look at what is happening to animals because of repeated vaccinations. If you have an animal that within 10 days from the time he received vaccines falls back into a condition that you'd been trying to clean up for some time, you know what happened. We're seeing a condition that is being described by some of my colleagues and myself as vaccinosis.We have to recognise it as being there."

Stephen R Blake, DVM, San Diego, USA, said: "The idea of annual vaccines is really questionable. There is no scientific basis from what I've been able to read. There was a good article in Current Veterinary Therapy a couple of years ago. They did a literature search and the two authors were not 'alternative' veterinarians, and they could find no scientific basis for annual vaccines. So it's just being done; there is no real basis for the practice. There are a lot of chronic conditions that develop some time after vaccinating. Some of these conditions that I see are chronic ear infections, digestive problems, seizures, skin problems, and behavioural problems".

Nancy Scanlon, DVM, Chino Hills, USA, said: "For those who don't believe in the concept of long-term vaccinosis, there is plenty of evidence of short term problems. Every time a dog is vaccinated for Parvo, the number of white blood cells in the circulation decreases for a while. This means their immune system won't work as well during that time. Every veterinarian who has been in practice long enough has seen reactions to vaccines, ranging from lethargy, mild fever, sore neck to vomiting and sleeping for 24 hours, to total collapse and shock. In cats we now recognise that vaccinating with too many vaccines in the same place all the time can cause fibrosarcoma, a nasty cancer. This is officially recognised by the allopathic veterinary community, and if this isn't a form of vaccinosis, I don't know what is".

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