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Which of the following in NOT a direct benefit of a regular walking regimen?
Reduce Stress
Improved immune function
Achieving ideal weight.
Improved sugar metabolism

 Flower Remedies: To Your Animal's Emotional Health (Horses) - The Column Dedicated to Restoring Your Animal's Emotional Well Being 
Penny Case ©

When you work with this youngster, breathe deeply and slowly. Speak in a calm, reassuring voice, and praise even the smallest desirable response. Have a clear mental picture of what you want him to do, and don't expect him to act fearfully. If you feel yourself becoming angry or impatient, it's time to end the training session for the day.

Tellington-Jones Equine Awareness Movements, known as TT.E.A.M.TM, are simple, yet very effective methods for turning off horses' flight, fight or freeze response. These easily learned techniques help focus the animal's attention, create self-confidence and actually teach them to think in any situation, rather than simply react.

Q: Kelly and I love to ride together, but our horses do not. When we ride close enough together for conversation, my gelding constantly flattens his ears and tries to bite her gelding. He caught me off guard once and was able to turn and kick Kelly's horse in the belly and just missed her. We have no idea why my horse acts hateful in this situation but not around other horses. I've disciplined him several times, but with no success. Now Kelly's horse is getting nervous. Can you help?

Undesirable behaviors are very often an expression of pain or discomfort. Before you ride again, gently examine your horse's body for painful, sensitive, and tense areas, especially his neck, back, girth area, and mouth, including lips, tongue, and gums. Do the saddle, bridle or bit rub, pinch or otherwise cause him pain? Is his back well padded? Is he clean and groomed where tack contacts his body? Animal behavior can also reflect emotions of people close to them. Tune into your own thoughts and feelings the next time your horse threatens hers.

Both horses can benefit from Flower Remedies. Your horse's aggressive, apparently mean-spirited behavior indicates a need for the flower remedy HOLLY. His intolerance of the other horse indicates a need for the remedy BEECH. CHESTNUT BUD is indicated to help your horse break his habit of aggressive behavior, along with WALNUT, its synergistic partner remedy, to support him in adjusting to a new way of being. If you think it's possible these horses were ever alone together where some traumatic event could have occurred between them, add STAR OF BETHLEHEM. Kelly's horse needs STAR OF BETHLEHEM for the trauma of being kicked and threatened, and MIMULUS, the remedy for known fears, since what he fears is your horse. Mix together equal parts of these remedies and administer several times daily. Add a few drops to his/her feed and treats, squeeze directly into his/her mouth or rub directly on lips and in nostrils. You can also add 15 to 20 drops to a bucket of water.

Q: Two of us have just adopted five mares and a gelding recently found abandoned and starving. They ranged in age from three to about 15, are very thin, parasite infected, and some have open sores. Two have been physically abused. We're starting with good food, shelter, and lots of love. How else can we help them?

A: In rehabilitating starved animals, avoid rich feed and harsh deworming compounds. A holistic veterinarian can suggest herbs and homeopathic remedies to gently eliminate parasites and address other conditions.

Flower Remedies can also help rejuvenate these horses. The flower remedy STAR OF BETHLEHEM is indicated for the traumas of starvation and abuse. The parasites, open sores, and likely toxic condition of their very stressed bodies indicate a need for CRAB APPLE, the flower remedy for cleansing. OLIVE will help those weak and exhausted from their ordeal. SWEET CHESTNUT helps ease suffering in animals who have reached the limits of their endurance. Mix equal parts of these remedies and administer several times daily as described above. Continue until conditions are resolved. Apply the stress-relieving formula, we use the brand-name "Calming EssenceTM", in it's cream form to sores daily.

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