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 Traditional Chinese Medicine: The Principles of Therapy 

Table IV (a)

Large intestine Metal
Shang-yang (LI 1)
Erijan (LI 2)
Sanjian (LI 3)
Yangxi (LI 5)
Quchi (LI 11)

Sanjiao Fire
Guan-chong (SJ 1)
Yemen (SJ 2)
Zhongzhu (SJ 3)
Zhigou (SJ 6)
Tianjing (SJ 10)

Small Intestine Fire
Shaoze (SI 1)
Qiangu (SI 2)
Houxi (SI 3)
Yanggu (SI 5)
Xiaohai (SI 8)

Stomach Earth
Lidui (St 45)
Neiting (St 44)
Xiangu (St 43)
Jiexi (St 41)
Zusanli (St 36)

Gall Bladder Wood
Foot-Qiaoyin (GB 44)
Xiaxi (GB 43)
Foot-Linqi (GB 41)
Yangfu (GB 38)
Yang-lingquan (GB 34)

Urinary Bladder Water
Zhiyin (UB 67)
Tonggu (UB 66)
Shugu (UB 65)
Kunlun (UB 60)
Weizhong (UB 40)

Table IV (b)

Lung Metal
Shaoshang (Lu 11)
Yuji (Lu 10)
Taiyuan (Lu 9)
Jingqu (Lu 8)
Chize (Lu 5)

Pericardium Fire
Zhong-chong (P 9)
Laogong (P 8)
Daling (P 7)
Jianshi (P 5)
Quze (P 3)

Heart Fire
Shao-chong (H 9)
Shaofu (H 8)
Shenmen (H 7)
Lingdao (H 4)
Shaohai (H 3)

Spleen Earth
Yinbai (Sp 1)
Dadu (Sp 2)
Taibai (Sp 3)
Shangqiu (Sp 5)
Ying-lingquan (Sp 9)

Liver Wood
Dadun (Liv 1)
Xingjian (Liv 2)
Taichong (Liv 3)
Zhongfeng (Liv 4)
Ququan (Liv 8)

Kidney Water
Yougquan (K 1)
Rangu (K 2 )
Taixi (K 3)
Fuliu (K 7)
Yingu (K 10)

Each channel has a point on it that represents each of the five elements. For the zang organs the jing-well points are wood, the yung-spring points are fire, the shu-stream points are earth, the jing-river points are metal and the he-sea points are water. For the fu organs jing-well is metal, yung-spring is water, shu-stream is wood, jing-river is fire and he-sea is earth.

These points, and the system they entail, may be used to tonify or sedate an organ. Wood creates fire, so fire is the 'son' of wood and wood is the 'mother' of fire. If the organ has a xu disease then the 'mother' point is used to tonify the diseased organ, for instance, if there is xu of xin-heart (fire) then use the mother point (wood) to tonify the heart. The wood point on the heart channel is Shaochong (H 9). If there is a shi disease of the xin-heart (fire) use the 'son' point (earth) to sedate the xin-heart. The earth point on the heart channel is Shenmen (H 7). Shenmen (H 7) is nearly always used for diseases of the xin-heart because most diseases of the xin-heart are shi in nature.

This law is explained at great length in many other texts, and the foregoing gives you a basic idea of what it entails. This, in fact, is the extent to which it was touched on in the course we attended.

Points according to symptoms
In diseases of the zang and fu organs there are many points that can be used for symptoms such as nausea. There are also some very useful points that can be used to dispel various pathogens. In this section we list some of the more useful points:

Taiyuan (Lu 9) can be used for cough, haematemasis and nasal obstruction.

Neiguan (P 6) can be used for palpitations, nausea, vomiting and insomnia.

Shenmen (H 7) can be used for palpitations, insomnia and diseases of the xin-heart.

Hegu (LI 4) can be used for fever, rhinitis, facial nerve paralysis and the dispersal of wind.

(Excerpted from Modern Chinese Acupuncture)
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