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The Law of Responsibility

© Dan Millman
 (Excerpted from Life You Were Born To Live)

The following exercises can help you achieve alignment with the Law of Responsibility through direct experience and application.

Experiencing Responsibility
Before finding a balanced sense of responsibility to self and others and achieving true cooperation in the world, we need to experience it within ourselves. This visualization exercise works with the subconscious to harmonize conflicting parts. With a little practice, it takes only a minute or two. It also provides valuable practice in conflict resolution and can serve as a template for working out balanced, mutually beneficial agreements with others.

1. Imagine a safe and special place anywhere in the world or the universe. It could be a granite plateau high in the mountains, a hidden glen, or a quiet meadow-your own private inner space. 2. Create the image of a table with two chairs, one on each side.

3. Invite two opposing parts of yourself to reveal themselves, one at a time, and to sit down, facing each other, across the table. You might invite one part that represents your mind and one part that represents your body, a part you like and a part you dislike, a part from the past and a part from the future, or a judging part and a forgiving part. Whenever you have mixed feelings or feel torn in two directions, you can access two parts to represent these feelings.

4. Ask each part what positive outcome or intention it has for you. Even if one part seems negative, trust that every aspect of your subconscious exists for a reason and is doing its best to serve the whole.

5. As each part appears in your mind's eye, note what it looks like, how it moves and sits down, and how it behaves. When both are seated, note how they relate to each other.

6. Internally ask both parts to express themselves until they find a place of cooperation, rapport, and communication so that in the future they can work together.

7. When you feel complete, thank them, say farewell, and leave them to enjoy their meeting.

Application of the Law of Responsibility

1. Either write or recite to yourself a short list of things you would be willing to do if someone asked you and a short list of things you would not be willing to do. Where do you draw the line and why?

2. Write or recite to yourself a list of things that you feel comfortable doing and things that you don't feel comfortable doing for others at home or work.

· How many of these tasks do you continue to do, and why?

· Do you do things for people, such as your children, spouse, or relatives, and then complain?

· Do you feel responsible for other adults' mistakes or lives?

3. Consider briefly the areas of your life where you might be feeling overly responsible and where you tend to overhelp or else withdraw in resentment. If you feel exploited or unappreciated- like a martyr or a doormat-what might you do in your life to find a better balance?

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About The Author
Dan Millman is a former world champion athlete, university coach, martial arts instructor, and college professor. After an intensive, twenty-year spiritual quest, Dan's teaching found its form as the Peaceful Warrior's Way, expressed fully in his books and lectures. His work continues to evolve over time, to meet the needs of a changing world....more
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