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 Chelation Therapy: The History of EDTA  

It is worth considering that it is not just these naval personnel who are at risk from lead toxicity. The degree of general human body contamination with lead is now at five hundred times the level of people living just two hundred years ago. Lead has many toxic effects on the body, one of the more serious being its ability to prevent the body's natural control of free radical activity which itself can result in circulatory incompetence as well as many other problems.

Research studies by doctors such as Belknap, Butler, Spencer, Foreman, Clarke, Dudley, Bechtel, Jick, Surawicz, Boyle, Perry, Kitchell and many more (see References), published in the early and middle 1950s, all relate to aspects of the treatment of arterial disease using EDTA.

Since those pioneering days, techniques have evolved and have been improved for the successful application of EDTA chelation treatment of the disastrous effects not only of atherosclerosis, but also of circulatory obstructions to the brain in people with some forms of senility. Similar benefits have often been observed amongst those who have experienced cerebral accidents (stroke) or who are suffering from early gangrenous conditions. (The way in which EDTA is thought to work is discussed in chapter 5.) Relief and marked symptomatic improvement has been gained in countless instances of high blood pressure (essential hypertension) and problems involving peripheral circulation (Reynaud's disease) as well as occlusion of blood flow to the extremities (intermittent claudication).

A description of one of the earliest uses of EDTA in treating chronic cardiovascular disease was given in 1976 by Dr. Norman Clarke, Sr., to the California Medical Association, in testimony before its Advisory Panel on Internal Medicine. He described his introduction to the process by research doctors (Drs. Albert Boyle and Gordon Myers) at Wayne University, Detroit in 1953.

    They had had preliminary experience in treating two patients at University Hospital, Detroit, who had calcified mitral valves. The patients were almost completely incapacitated . . . the doctors were very pleased with the results [of chelation treatment] because they obtained very satisfactory return of cardiac function.

Dr Clarke spent many years investigating EDTA's usefulness in treating cardiovascular disease, and in his evidence stated: 'In the last 28 years of my experience with EDTA chelation I have given at least 100,000 to 120,000 infusions of EDTA and seen nobody harmed'.

He dramatically described the successful treatment of gangrene using EDTA, perfused directly into the site via a drip into the femoral artery, as well as this method's usefulness in cerebrovascular senility: 'After all these years, and with all that experience, I am just as certain as can be that EDTA chelation therapy is the best treatment that has ever been brought out for occlusive vascular disease'

Other benefits from EDTA infusion

Just as the use of EDTA in treating lead poisoning revealed its ability to remove unwanted calcium, so additional benefits were discovered when circulatory conditions were being treated. Many patients with osteoarthritic and similar problems reported relief of symptoms and an improved range of movement in previously restricted joints. It seems that obstructive calcium deposits in these areas were also being removed during chelation treatment.

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