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 Energy Medicine: The Fields of Healing 
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Acupuncturists use hair-thin needles, gentle finger pressure (acupressure) or in a modern variant, electrodes to stimulate designated points along the body through which healthful qi (pronounced chee) energy is said to flow. Acupuncture has proven effective in relieving arthritis and chronic pain. Without acupuncture, chemical painkillers, that are bad for the liver, are commonly used to treat these problems.

Magnetic Therapy uses magnets instead of needles. These flexible, rubberized, permanently charged magnet pads, cut into a variety of shapes, can be attached to an injury site or an acupuncture site with athletic tape. Magnet therapy, much like acupuncture, reestablishes order in the energy system and allows healing to occur.

Fighting the Aging Process

Every doctor practicing medicine knows the human body was designed to heal itself. Under ideal conditions, each cell is bathed in fluid from which it receives its nutrients and into which it releases its waste products. For any cell to be completely healthy it must constantly be fed nutrients and its waste products must be taken away quickly so it does not become bathed in its own waste. To accomplish this, it is extremely important that the blood and lymph circulation be unobstructed and that the nervous system be free of interference.

Recent studies on aging have concluded that aging is not a natural process. It is due, instead, to our mental attitude and a series of malfunctions in our bodies, which have been allowed to progress without correction, and eventually result in the destruction of cells and organs. The growing consensus among researchers is that the best way to treat aging is to prevent it in the first place.

However, in the course of living, many minor problems will inevitably occur. Obstructions and circulatory problems are very common. Some capillaries are only the diameter of a single blood cell, so our blood must travel in single file. Tension, causing vascular constriction or early arteriosclerosis, can easily produce a 10% decrease in the inside diameter of a capillary which completely stops the flow of blood to the cells.

Out-of-place joints along the spinal column cause interference to nerve function, which in turn causes inadequate stimulation and constriction of the blood vessels. Decreased blood supply follows, setting the stage for cell degeneration and the appearance of pain and other symptoms.

Symptoms of pain and disease surface when conditions cause the capillary pores to dilate allowing the escape of quantities of blood proteins in the area of the cells. This eroding of proteins attracts fluid (inflammation), causing pain, depriving some cells of proper oxygen and nutrients, resulting in malfunctioning cells. If not carried away and disposed of by the lymphatic system, these cells begin to destroy healthy cells.

Alternatively, the combination of increased oxygenation and blood flow is very effective in eliminating these conditions and the accompanying pain. Since most disease is either a function of toxicity or deficiency, improved circulation benefits most aspects of our overall health.

Consequently, many different illnesses can be successfully treated with magnet therapy because every illness is a bioenergetic breakdown of the organism. It is a sign that the cells have been deprived of energy and their defense mechanisms have been weakened. It is the task of magnet therapy to remove the blockages that get in the way of normal functioning and restore the body's natural balance.

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