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nergy Medicine
The Fields of Healing

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The healthy body is a flowing, interactive electrodynamic energy field. Motion is more natural to life than non-motion; things that keep flowing are inherently good. What interferes with flow will have detrimental effects. Energy field medicine is based upon treating illness with the introduction of new energy.

Recently, we have been able to measure human fields separate from mass and describe them as energy patterns, wave s shapes, wave trains, and wave packages or quanta. Physics has found that by periodically introducing energy into chaotic systems they could be pulled back toward order. It follows that because of the resilient nature of the human field energy manipulation techniques such as hands-on healing, subtle energy devices, and body therapies introducing subtle energy into the system will be more effective in preserving health than those geared to chemical or mechanical intervention.

There is an old saying that seeing is believing. It should be changed to believing is seeing. Those researchers and physicians, who believe that the bio-chemical solution is incomplete, are discovering new answers from doctors trained in Eastern medicine, particularly energy field therapy. What they are finding is increasing evidence that the origin of many major diseases begins as field disturbances. Numerous studies are suggesting that many of the problems associated with degenerative diseases, certain types of memory loss or conditions such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are the result of energy field deficiencies. And, the good news is that extensive testing has shown that Magnetic Field Deficiencies may be like vitamin deficiencies, which means that once the vitamin or magnetic influence is restored, the body functions normally.

The New Science of Healing

Today, all over the world, more and more scientists and physicians are working with magnet therapy. Doctors in both Europe and the United States are obtaining astounding results using electromagnetic fields to treat damage ranging from ulcers to severe burns. Research studies show that magnetic fields predictably accelerate the healing time of soft tissue injuries as well as bones and joints. In Russia, doctors regularly use magnets to speed up healing after surgery, to improve circulation and to strengthen mending bones. Some researchers have used super magnets and electrical therapies on lung and breast cancers. An increasing number of dentists are using magnets to relieve the pain of TMJ and jaw dislocations, as well as headaches and gum disease. In Germany, unsightly keloid scar tissue has been shown to virtually disappear with the application of magnetic foils.

Balancing Our Energy Flow

Therapeutic magnets work on the same principles as acupuncture but without the needles. They fit perfectly into the Eastern concept of Energy Medicine. In the Orient they feel energy. It's normal. They see other people's energy. They believe that the health of the body is a result of proper energy flow as well as proper blood flow. By contrast, our Western medical model is a biochemical model. We look at people as biochemical machines. And if there is something wrong, we use some chemicals to fix it. Therefore, while acupuncture is traditional in China, where it has been practiced successfully for more than 2,000 years, it is considered an alternative or, at best, a complementary form of healing in America.

Acupuncture and Magnetic Field Therapy

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