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 Energy Medicine: The Fields of Healing 
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Quantum Physics Redefines Humans

Western medicine's Newtonian view that sees the body as a chemical soup, operating as a complex biological machine down to the cellular level, is incomplete. The body would be a puddle of chemical soup was it not for an energy and information source that organizes our atoms and molecules into our human form.

Most profound changes in the conception of reality came from Einstein's Unified Field Theory where all matter is organized energy, and field reality is one of the characteristics of the universe. Quantum physics has shown us that the distinction between matter and energy is lost at the subatomic level. Whether the energy is constelled as a cup, a tree, or a human being, it has a field associated with it. The denser the substance, the less energetic and more rigid the field becomes. We know that all living things have dynamic fields.

Two-time Nobel Prize winner, Linus Pauling, received a Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1954 for his discovery of the magnetic properties of hemoglobin in the blood. He found that iron, in addition to its function as the carrier of oxygen, plays an important role in cell metabolism. Since iron and as many as five electrolytic salts in our blood circulate biomagnetically, Magnetic Therapy can beneficially influence the naturally occurring magnetic currents in our bodies.

The growing emphasis on therapeutic use of electromagnetic energy to hasten the healing of bones, to alleviate pain and improve enzyme and vascular activities, attests to the electrical nature of cells. There is increased evidence that electrical field changes at the cellular level occur before structural physiological changes. When constructive changes occur on the cellular level the structural regeneration on the tissue level follows.

Ancient Views of Bio-Energy

Information from ancient Indian literature describes whirling vortices of subtle energies, which they called chakras, which is the word for wheels in Sanskrit. The chakras are then connected to 72,000 fine threads of fluid energy channels. In China and Japan, healing focuses on energy flow. They feel energy. They see other people's energy. They believe that the health of the body is a result of proper energy flow as well as blood flow.

In general, Eastern medicine recognizes something beyond nerves in our bodies. In fact, it has mapped out an entire energy system consisting of so-called energy channels or meridians, thought to be established early in our development. Structurally, they are comparable to magnetic fields. These energy channels circulate life energy throughout the human body. They are believed to balance the flow of energy. In the case of illness, the intersection of these circulatory channels are thought to become irritated wherein the flow of energy breaks down.

The differences in focus between the two medical systems explains why acupuncture is traditional in China, where it has been practiced successfully for more than 2,000 years, and is considered an alternative or, at best, a complement to other forms of treatment in America.

The Energy Paradigm

The older concept that everything progresses toward decay does not hold with field beliefs. From a field reality, the world grows and changes, it evolves. Prigogine, the Nobel biochemist, showed that when energy was introduced into a system, whether it was motion or vibrations, which substance refined and changed. It did not decay.

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