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 Magnetic Therapy : The Eastern European Experience with Medical Magnetics 

In acute and chronic pancreatitis, conditions with no effective medical therapy, there's kinds of magnetic fields applied to the epigastrium and lumbar areas showed improvements in at least two thirds of the patients within two weeks. These improvements were supported by laboratory testing of pancreatic secretions.

Inflammatory bowel disease, even post radiation therapy, not only improved symptoms, but also biopsy results.

Neurologic diseases
Patients with spasticity and Parkinsonism improve significantly with pulsed magnetic fields in local motion, change of position, ability to arise and muscle spasticity.

Pulsed magnetic fields applied to the thoracic and lumbosacral areas and lower extremities, 10 minutes to each area, improved walking 10 years and negotiating steps, up and down. At least two treatment courses were required to demonstrate a significant improvement

Cerebrovascular atherosclerosis
Static magnetic fields were found to significantly improve vascular flow to the brain, either to the carotid sinus or the suboccipital areas of the head. Carotid stimulation produces a stronger response. In vascular dementia patients, sinusoidal magnetic fields applied bitemporally showed marked subjective and psychological test improvement in the 85% of mildly affected patients, 67% of moderately to more severely affected patients. Minimal improvement was found in the placebo group. Vascular flow showed improved circulation at the back of the head. The EEG's also affected. In some patients in the more severely affected group, vestibular function, that is balance, also improved.

Syringomyelia patients treated with pulse magnetic fields, compared to controls, had reduced pain, paresthesias and cyanosis. And temperatures increased significantly and muscular strength is well. The benefits from a course of therapy lasted for upwards of a year. Electrical stimulation produced some improvement, but not as pronounced as pulse magnetic fields. No adverse side effects were found in any of the treated subjects.

Reflex sympathetic dystrophy/polyneuritis and should 50% of the children go at a complete remission and 92% of the adults, versus 56% of those treated with medication alone. Improvements were found in pain, hyperemia and reflex symptoms.

Static magnetic fields were also found to significantly improve the benefits and side effects of chemotherapy and surgery in the treatment of gliomas. In malignant gliomas magnetic fields used in combination with chemotherapy, compared to chemotherapy alone, treated patients needed five times less frequent transfusions and were generally better off psychologically. The mean survival time in the treated group was 22 months versus nine months in the controls. In some cases, the tumor growth actually stopped or shrank.

Nerve injuries can be significantly improve with magnetic field therapies. Ischemic or inflammatory peripheral neuropathies respond, 73% of the time to pulsed or sinusoidal fields applied along the nerve and spine.

Meniere's syndrome improves after treatment with a sinusoidal field. In all there is a reduction in vertigo, 16% had improved audiograms and 50% had improved tinnitus. Improvements could last as long as one to two years in upwards of 80% of the treated individuals.

Spinal cord injuries treated with pulse magnetic fields for 25 to 30 minutes over 10 to 15 treatments, along with comprehensive rehabilitation can reduce spasticity. Bladder function improves, as well as mobility. In some research 84% of untreated patients remain bedridden, versus 60% of those treated. In many of these patients in EMG's are found to also improve.

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 About The Author
William Pawluk, MD, MSc, is an Asssistant Professor at Johns Hopkins Medical School. He is a board certified family physician with training in acupuncture, nutritional/herbal medicine, homeopathy, hypnosis and body......more
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