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Medicial Mistakes?
How many people each year suffer some type of preventable harm that contributes to their death after a hospital visit?
from 46,000 to 78,000
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 Magnetic Therapy : The Eastern European Experience with Medical Magnetics 

Raynaud's syndrome, or reactive vasoconstriction, often aggravated by cold and smoking, treated with sinusoidal fields applied to the spinal area improved 95% of the time with a reduction in palmar hyperhidrosis, called sensitivity, reflexes and ulnar nerve velocities.

Lymphatic vessels
One study using pulse magnetic fields for 20 minutes over 15 sessions, produced both subjective and objective improvements in vascular flow and tissue oxygen levels in these primary lymphedema patients, the volume of the involved extremity showed reduction of edema by 20 to 50% in 95% of the patients.

Heart disease and hypertension
It is well known that accepted that much of heart disease and hypertension is caused by occlusion of blood vessels by atherosclerotic plaques. Patients who have hypercoagulability have more severe problems. This situation has led to the common recommendation for patients with atherosclerosis to use aspirin daily. The basis for the use of aspirin is to reduce platelet adhesiveness. Static and pulse magnetic fields have been found to reduce platelet adhesiveness and fibrinogen levels. Magnetic fields have been found to be beneficial in patients with hypertension end ischemic heart disease, by reducing blood pressure, pulse rates, cardiac output, EKG improvements and even x-ray evidence of heart and lung, shrinkage and clearance, respectively.

In patients who have had heart attacks, pulse magnetic fields for 15 minutes at a time for 12 sessions every other day during their rehabilitation, compared to placebo treatment, had improvements in their stress test loathes, reduced frequency of angina and reduced or eliminated use of nitroglycerin.

Patients with heart failure had a reduction of their circulating blood volume, liver enlargement, blood-pressure reduction in hypertensives and general blood perfusion improvement. These patients also had an increased loss fluid through their kidneys, without the use of diuretics. No adverse effects were found in these cardiac patients.

Lung diseases
Magnetic fields appear to be beneficial, objectively and subjectively in many lung conditions. Static and the sinusoidal magnetic fields have been found to improve pulmonary function in asthma patients. Asthma episodes and frequencies were interrupted and improved as were cough, shortness of breath and and general health. Magnetic fields were applied to the chest, besides, and back, and the head.

Other lung conditions improved by magnetic therapy include bronchiectasis, the chronic effects of pneumonia and chronic bronchitis. Ventilation studies, inflammatory signs, immune parameters and lung hemodynamics improved. In these cases, the back and sides of the chest were treated.

Even tuberculosis, magnetic fields were found useful as a complementary therapy. In treated patients versus controls, coughing, was reduced sooner and bacterial growth was less in the magnetic group within a month, while not at all in the control. Double the number of magnetically treated patients had cavities healed in 1 1/2 months versus controls. These patients required 20 minute exposures, over 30 to 100 sessions.

Lung cancer patients treated with chemotherapy and magnetic fields, compared to nonmagnetic controls, had less adrenal suppression from their chemotherapy.

Gastrointestinal diseases
Static or sinusoidal magnetic fields, for 12 minutes over 10 sessions, to the epigastrium were effective in treating gastric and duodenal ulcers. Objective studies have also shown decreases in gastric acid, reduction in ulcers eyes and gastric and pyloric spasm. Even liver perfusion was noted to be improved. I myself have used static and pulsed magnetic fields on myself to treat epigastric pain, unresponsive to antacids. I usually found response within five to 10 minutes, with pulsed magnetic fields, being more effective and faster acting. Another controlled study showed that a combination of magnetic fields and medication produced faster symptom reduction and ulcer healing.

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 About The Author
William Pawluk, MD, MSc, is an Asssistant Professor at Johns Hopkins Medical School. He is a board certified family physician with training in acupuncture, nutritional/herbal medicine, homeopathy, hypnosis and body......more
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