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Breathing ?
Which of the following health conditions is not directly benefited by breathing exercises?
High blood pressure

 Nutrition and Fitness: The Benefits of Fitness 

Benefits of Fitness
Those who partake in an active lifestyle develop a greater number of benefits than initially expected. Even though their intentions may be to reshape their bodies and lose some excess bodyfat, fitness will not confine itself to just these two benefits. The fascinating fact about activity participation is that it produces a positive psycho-physiological chain-reaction influencing the entire being.

Many individuals engaged in physical fitness for the sole purpose of increasing their levels of energy. The process of energy enhancement is scientifically complex, but a relatively simple one to apply. All one has to do is perform an adequate amount of activity--without overdoing it--and eat correctly; mother nature takes it from there. Since muscles are metabolically active, while fat is inert, those who are more physically fit and stronger muscle tone are those who develop higher metabolic rates turning their bodies into fat-burning machines.

The Mind & Nerves
The relationship between fitness and knowledge blends nicely especially when one understands how their own body performs under various conditions. Consistent participation in activities develops a harmonious communication between the mind and body. And with our nervous system headquartered in our brain, this intricate system relays electrical mental impulses messengering this data to various body tissues. When an action is requested or required, the brain will consent to the demand, and command an immediate impulse. For those who are unfit, the deliverance of such commands have no assurance for accurate delivery, or may become delayed by weak mental signal-sending abilities. Dullened reactions could lead to a hazardous situation, ill-fate may be inevitable if your not coordinated.

Thinking makes us smarter, and activities get us thinking. When we're having fun performing our activities, we are happily thinking, and developing higher levels of fitness at the same time. The better fit we are the better we can think and concentrate.

Muscles & Bones
Our bodies are literally held together by a network of muscles and their relative tissues (i.e., tendons and ligaments). Weakened muscles cannot hold our skeleton (our boney network) in proper alignment as the body shifts out of its natural position. If we had no muscles at all our skeleton would fall right to the floor. So as our muscles strengthen with activity the better our bodies will be held together.

The Heart
You’re aware that the heart is a muscle? It is! In fact, the heart is a muscular pump responsible for the distribution of blood to all areas of the body. When we are involved in activity, our hearts beat at accelerated rates. This acceleration stimulates strength benefits to the heart similar to other muscles.

The Lungs
We already know that the heart beats faster while we are active—so does our rate of breathing. Oxygen is our life-supporting gas which we cannot do without for very long. We can go without food or water for days, but without oxygen we can’t last more than a few minutes. As our respiration (breathing rate) increases, our lungs expand and contract beyond normal [or resting] capacities. The lungs are two elastic-like sacks which collect the air we breathe. As we inhale, the lungs absorb usable oxygen, then as we exhale, eliminates toxic gases. Millions of tiny holes called alveoli allow the oxygen to seep into our bloodstream feeding the body with this most precious life source.

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John Abdo JOHN ABDO is regarded world wide as an authority on life motivation, health, fitness and athletic conditioning. As a former Olympic trainer, John has trained numerous Olympic and World-Class athletes, including Bonnie......more
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