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Which of the following in NOT a direct benefit of a regular walking regimen?
Reduce Stress
Improved immune function
Achieving ideal weight.
Improved sugar metabolism

 Tips from Fitness Trainers: Spinal Longevity 

For Powerlifters (an entirely different sport), this style of belt became obsolete a long time ago because it encourages a forward torso bend for the power lifts known as the Squat and Deadlift. This is due to a "scribe-like" effect as the narrower (or tapered) section of the belt scribes into the obliques and frontal abdominals, making the lifter fold at exactly that point during a lift.

The latest advance in belt technology is a belt that measures 4 3/4" at the small of the back to support the lumbars, tapers to 2 1/2" on the sides to avoid rubbing against the floating ribs, then flares back out to 4 3/4" on the frontal abdominal region. The only belt of this kind is manufactured by the Schiek Corporation and it has revolutionized the support belt industry.

Support Belts Are For Everyone
I believe the newly designed Schiek belts are highly beneficial for everyone engaged in activities that put strain on their lower back. This includes those of you who may experience back pain when standing and sitting for extended periods such as cashiers, secretaries and those who use computers frequently. The belts also are highly protective when shoveling snow, jogging, carrying your infant, doing household chores, or even walking around in a large shopping mall. All such activities subject us to gravitational stresses that contribute to back ailments.

Benefits Of The Schiek Belt
The benefits of the Schiek belt are numerous. When the belt is worn, the entire 360o circumference of your midsection is wrapped with support. At the rear, the normal lumbar curve is held in place, while the obliques and abdominals squeeze inward and upward to hold up the rib cage. This elongates and decompresses your spine, whether you're attempting maximum resistance in the weight room or jogging around your favorite course.

Another advantage of wearing such a belt is the containment of body heat. We know that warm muscles can perform at higher and longer intensities than cold muscles, while it's true that warm muscles are more injury resistant than cold and stiff tissues. Since activity elevates body temperature, it's important to contain it while you are active, even if you're standing or sitting all day.

By wearing a supportive belt, you'll protect yourself against injury, maintain better exercise form, enhance your sports performance skills and, most important, extend the health and longevity of your spinal column.

How To Obtain The Schiek Supportive Belt
Schiek belts feature a patented shape with exclusive hip and rib contour, dual-patented lumbar and abdominal support, and easy "ON" and "OFF" Velcro closure. Schiek belts are washable and come in two colors: black and royal blue, and in five sizes: X-Small (24" - 28"), Small (27" - 32"), Medium (31" - 36"), Large (35" - 41"), and X-Large (40" - 45"). (Larger sizes are available for an additional $15, plus extra shipping. State waist size and color preference).

write to: Life Extension Foundation, Box 229120, Hollywood, FL 33022.

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John Abdo JOHN ABDO is regarded world wide as an authority on life motivation, health, fitness and athletic conditioning. As a former Olympic trainer, John has trained numerous Olympic and World-Class athletes, including Bonnie......more
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