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Which of the following is an antioxidant?
Vitamin E
Vitamin B

 Integrative Medicine: Sore Throat 

Give your child Belladonna if her tonsils, throat, and uvula are extremely red, and the sore throat came on suddenly. This child will have a fever and possibly dilated pupils. Give her one dose of Belladonna 30x or 9c every hour, up to a total of three doses, as long as symptoms last.

Hepar sulphuris is for the child whose sore throat is accompanied by a cough that brings up thick white or yellow plugs of mucus, and whose throat is coated with mucus. This child feels better with a hot washcloth on her throat. Give her Hepar sulphuris 30x or 9c, three times a day, for two days.

Lachesis will benefit the child with a sore throat that is localized on the left, or one that moves from left to right. The throat and tonsils will be dark red. This child is understandably in a very bad mood; she is in a lot of pain and doesn't want to be touched. Give this child Lachesis 30x or 9c, three times a day, for up to two days.

Lycopodium will help the child with a sore throat that is localized on the right side. The pain may move from the right to left side. This child feels worse during afternoon and early evening, between the hours of 4:00 and 8:00 P.M. Give this child Lycopodium 30x or 9c, three times a day, for up to two days.

If your child's sore throat is accompanied by hoarseness and worsens in the evening, give her one dose of Phosphorus 30x or 9c, three times a day, for up to two days.

Phytolacca is for the child with a very dark, red throat and much pain with swallowing. This child will have swollen glands, with pain that radiates to the ears. Give her Phytolacca 12x or 6c, four times a day, for up to two days.

For the locations of acupressure points on a child's body, see Administering a Acupressure Treatment.

Large Intestine 4 helps to clear infection.

Lung 7 moistens a dry and irritated throat.

General Recommendations
If you suspect that your child's sore throat maybe caused by a strep infection, contact your physician. The only way to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment is with a throat culture.

Encourage rest. A rested body generally heals more quickly than an active one.

Give your child an echinacea and goldenseal combination formula.

Select and administer an appropriate homeopathic remedy.

Give your child vitamin C and bioflavonoids.

Prepare an herbal tea and gargle as described above. Or make a gargle by dissolving 1/4 teaspoon of salt in 4 ounces of water and adding a small pinch each of cayenne pepper, lemon juice, and honey.

Give your child sugar-free lozenges enriched with vitamin C and zinc. Lozenges increase saliva production and help soothe a dry, irritated throat. Avoid lozenges made with unnecessary chemicals and sugar.

(Excerpted from Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child ISBN: 1583331395)
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