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 Emotional Health: Setting Goals: Does Working Hard Really Work?  
The following contains edited excerpts from The Sedona Method® Course. This course contains all the best of the latest advances in goal setting as well as lots of new material previously available only through our advanced courses. These excerpts will help you to get more out of your releasing for goals.

Society has perpetuated the myth that to get anywhere in life you have to work hard. My question for you is, "Have you ever worked hard?"

Your answer is probably the same as most people - "Yes!"

Well, has it produced the results you want in life?

"No. No it hasn't. I'm tired, frustrated, angry, and just don't believe "the little guy" can get ahead."

Is the answer to work harder? Is the answer to create even more stress in your life by taking bigger risks and spreading yourself even thinner?

If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always gotten.

If this is true, and I'm sure at least some part of you recognizes that it is, then why do we continue to fall into the trap of thinking, "If only I worked harder I'd have everything I want"?

Setting and achieving goals can be effortless when you "let go" of the feelings you have been holding on to. When you do this, a world of opportunity that has always existed for you becomes obvious.

On Goals: Section Seven of The Sedona Method Course
The following is a summary of some the important points to keep in mind when you are wording a goal statement. Wording a goal correctly can make all the difference between whether or not it is finally achieved. In fact, writing down your goals is one of the keys to achieving them. Studies of groups of successful goal-oriented people have shown that people who write down their goals are approximately 80% more likely to achieve them, than people who just think about them.

Keys to Writing Effective Goals

Phrase it in the now.
Most of us fall into the trap of thinking that we're going to create what we want in the future. And the future never seems to come. How many times have you said to yourself, "I'll do that tomorrow," and you didn't do it?

Whenever you're holding in mind "I'm going to do this later, or tomorrow, or next week, or next year," you project your goal into the future and the future never seems to come.

Phrase it in the positive.
Focus on the solution. Avoid putting in the goal that problem which you're trying to get rid of. For instance, what if you would like to stop smoking. The goal would not be phrased "I allow myself to stop smoking." The mind does not translate the words "not," "don't," "stop," or any of the other words of negation.

The mind thinks in pictures. Right now, try not to think of a white elephant, what do you think of? A white elephant. Put something in the goal that the mind can visualize. For example, "I allow myself to be a non-smoker." You can picture being a non-smoker. That's something you can see- other people who aren't smoking. So it makes a big difference to word your goals in this manner.

The goal should feel real or realistic.
Supposing you are making $1,000 a week, but what you would really like to earn is $10,000 a week. Upping your income from $1,000 to $10,000 might be too big a jump for you to accept in just one specific goal. So you might want to start with $2,500 a week. That's a stretch from where you are, but it seems more real or realistic.

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