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 Aerobic Training: Run For Your Life: A Twist on Aerobic Exercise 

It’s wise then to condition the system that provides the most vital element of life. Aerobic exercise is one great means to accomplish this objective. With literally thousands of deep breaths accumulating during each aerobic session, the lungs, and its respiratory system strengthens just like any other muscle attaining an enhanced ability to supply an abundance of oxygen to all body cells. Even at rest, the well-conditioned respiratory system will provide greater oxygenation. Those who engage in regular aerobic training will feel fresher, clear headed, and more cognitive no matter what they’re doing.

So for those who succumb to a sedentary lifestyle, headaches, memory loss, fatigue, and lack of concentration are just a few conditions they can alleviate (and even cure) with some aerobic exercise.

The Muscles
Observing the myology of the human body, we basically have two fiber types, 1) Fast Twitch muscle fibers (FT) and, 2) Slow Twitch muscle fibers (ST). The FT fibers are used for short bursts of energy, are very powerful, require carbohydrates as fuel, and fatigue very easily. ST fibers are used for sustained activity, are weak in comparison to the FT fibers, utilize oxygen and fat as fuel, and are resistant to fatigue. Let me provide another analogy; If I told you to walk 100 meters, at the end of that walk you’d be breathing relatively easy, would be able to carry on a conversation, and could continue walking indefinitely. On the other hand, if I told you to perform an all out sprint for the same distance, by the time you crossed the finish line you’d be gasping for air, would need a lot of time to rest before proceeding on doing any other activity, and would knock me on the head for making such a suggestion. It’s obvious by the outcome of each that the body uses two very different and distinct systems to carry out each task.

Training and developing both the FT and ST muscle fibers is the ideal protocol for optimum health, appearance, and performance. As we age, we naturally use less of the FT fibers. Consequently, these fibers atrophy. This seems logical as strength, energy and the ability to perform quick movements usually diminishes with each passing year.

The concept of interval aerobics works perfectly well for enhancing the integrity of both the ST and FT muscle fibers. I’m convinced that this methodology will contribute greatly to developing leaner physiques of impressive muscular tone and symmetry with more stamina and better overall health.


Target Heart Range: Attaining and Maintaining the Aerobic Threshold;
As stated, according to many fitness experts, the target intensity range to perform aerobic activity lies between 60% - 85%. This is the rate at which the heart is beating during exercise which is calculated from your Maximum Heart Rate (MHR).

We know that at rest our hearts should beat between 60 - 72 times each minute.

Once we begin to exercise that rate increases. When heart attains a beating pace between 60% - 85% of its MHR (see formula), authorities suggest that this is the intensity, or pace, that should be sustained until that workout time expires.

My method of interval aerobics fluctuates your heart rate in and out of the conventional range of 60% - 85%. By performing your workouts in this fashion, you’ll avoid a one-sided energy source and burn carbohydrates, oxygen and fat.

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 About The Author
John Abdo JOHN ABDO is regarded world wide as an authority on life motivation, health, fitness and athletic conditioning. As a former Olympic trainer, John has trained numerous Olympic and World-Class athletes, including Bonnie......more
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