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 Breast Cancer: Revisiting Accepted Wisdom in the Management of Breast Cancer - Part 2 

9. Farber D. Biologic variations of tumors. Presented at the American Cancer Society; October 11-13, 1991; Pasadena, CaCf (referring to Bloom H. Richardson W. Harries E. Natural history of untreated breast cancer 11805-19331. Br Med J July 28, 1962:213-221).

10. "For virtually all patients who have had a mastectomy, recurrent breast cancer is not a curable disease" (Loprinzi C. It is now the age to define the appropriate follow-up of primary breast cancer patients.JClin OncoL 1994;12(5):881. Editorial).

11. If in 10 years there are 1000 cells within a tumor, in 20 years there are I million; in 30 years, I billion; and in 40 years, I trillion. The human body contains about 11 trillion cells. Death usually results when 10% of the body is replaced by cancer cells. The doubling time of breast cancer cells varies greatly from 9 to 900 days, with an average being 100 to 185 days (spran IS, Spratt JA, Grouth Rates in Cancer of the Breast. 3rd ed. Philadelphia, Pa: WB Saunders; 1988:270-302).

12. Love comments elsewhere: "I think that any breast cancer large enough to be detected has already spread.... The danger of cancer depends on the balance between the cancer and the ability of your body's immune system to fight it" (Dr Susan Love's Breast Book Reading, Mass: Addison-Wesley; 1990:212).

13. "Whether lymph node metastases in the axilla or internal mammary drainage basins are removed, radiated, or merely observed, survival is absolutely equivalent" (Cady B. Dilemmas in breast disease. BreastJ 1995:1121:121-124).

14. The National Lymphedema Network, based in San Francisco, and Stanford University are each testing an early therapy for the problem using massage, special armbands, and lifestyle modifications, though elimination ofthe procedure would I absolutely cure the side effects of lymph node dissection.

15. High-dose chemotherapy with autologous bone marrow transplantation and/or blood cell transplantation for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer. Executive Briefing, Emerging Care Research Institute (ECRI), February 1995. ECRI is an independent technology assessment organization located in Plymouth Meeting, Pa. An article about ECRI appears inJAMA (1995;274113]:999-1001).

1. Bonag CC. Sutures TS. Tong T.Cancer sbbshcs~1993 CA: CancaJOin. 1993:43(1):7-26.

2. Amencan Cancer Society. Canr.rr Facts h Figures-1992 Atlan=, Ga: Amencan Cancer Societv: 1992:3.

3. Halsted WS. The results of operations for the cure of cancer of the breast perfommed at Johns Hopkins Hospital from June 1889 to January 1894. Johns Hopkins Bull 1894-95:4 29,-350.

4. Baum M. Breast cancer lessons from the past. Clin OnroL 1982:1(3):650.

5. Fisher E. The impact of pathology on the biologic, diagnoshc, pmgnoshc, and therapeutic considemhons in breast cancer. Surg Clin North Am. 1984:64(6):1073.

6. Papaioannou A. Systemk therapy as the initial step in the management of operable breast cancer Sure Din Now Am 1984:64(6): U81-U91.

7. Papaioannou A. Increasingly intensive locoregional treatment of breast cancer may pmmoten~currence.JSurgOncoL 1985:30:33-41.

8. !.lcNamara R. Vandemark B. In Rrtrospect: The Tragedy ant Lessons of Vietnam. New Fork. NY: Random House: 199S.

9. Amour B. Woolgar S. Laboratory Life: Th'Construcuen of Scientific Knowkdge. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press: 1986.

10. Starr P. fib, Social Transformation of Amaican Medicine. New York, NY: Bask Etoolts 1982:82-83.

(Excerpted from Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine)
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