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 Homeopathy: Releasing Fears and Phobias 

Getting to know your fearful part(s). We have found various forms of "parts therapy" to be extremely beneficial to help our patients understand and overcome their fears. Assume, for example, that you have a fear of attracting the wrong partner. If, consciously or under hypnosis, you talk with the part of you responsible for that fear, it will probably tell remind you of a past relationship in which you ended up feeling hurt and betrayed. This fearful part will generally share with you, if asked, that it came into being at the time of that emotional pain or at a particularly frightening moment in your childhood. It will say, further, that its intention is only to protect you and keep you safe from future relationships or events where you may be vulnerable and hurt again. Through assuring the fearful part that you are no longer in danger, that you now have a much greater power of discrimination to choose a positive relationship, and informing it that you no longer need this fear in your life, it may change its role. We often suggest that the fearful part adopt a positive role of gently signaling the person, through a slight shiver or twinge, for example, that caution is advised rather than filling the person with fear and insecurity.

Using homeopathy to heal fears and phobias- We have seen that single homeopathic remedies can bring about a profound, and sometimes very rapid, release of fears. Since homeopathy is so specific to the individual, different remedies are known to cure such fears as deep water, bridges, snakes, death, cancer, ghosts, insanity, etc. Many of our patients tell us about fears that they've never shared with anyone before because they feared embarrassment. Once they understand that fears are part of a general state of imbalance, they discuss them with us openly. Recently a woman came to us for a hypnosis appointment. She happened to mention that she suf-fered from headaches in the left temple when she woke up. When I immediately asked her if she feared snakes, she looked astounded and replied, "I can't even look at a picture of a snake! How did you know?" I knew because the homeopathic remedy which most clearly fit her headache symptoms is known to have also a terrible fear of snakes.

A few months ago we saw a 46 year-old woman who complained of agoraphobia. She rarely would leave home, especially if she were alone. If she did have company and went to a movie, she'd sit on the aisle at the back of the theater so she'd have an escape route if she got scared. Sometimes she would become so claustrophobic in the supermarket that she'd leave her cart, filled with groceries, at the checkstand and run out of the store. This woman was visiting from California and there was no time for hypnosis, so we only used homeopathy. We have had regular phone consultations since. She can now take walks alone, is much more mobile in general, less claustro-phobic, and feels she is well on the road to healing.

Ayurvedic medicine and fears- The air (Vata) type on body type or constitu- tion is usually much more susceptible to fear, anxiety, and insecurity. This is the type of person who is thin, has dark hair, is chilled easily, and may have gas, bloating, dry skin, joint cracking, stiffness, or pain, or any kind of muscular or nervous system symptoms. This body type may have come with the person at the time of birth of may be a result of an accident, an event which produced great fear or insecurity, or excess stimulation through excessive travel (expecially by air), mental exertion, meditation, worry, or use of caffeine, alcohol, or drugs. It is possible to decrease the fearfulness and phobias through a dietary and lifestyle program which balances the air element. Such a program would emphasize soothing activities, oil massage and decreasing foods in the diet which increase air in the system.

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Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman ND, MSWJudyth Reichenberg-Ullman, ND, DHANP, MSW is a licensed naturopathic physician board certified in homeopathic medicine. She graduated with a degree in ...more
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