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© What Doctors Don't Tell You (Issue 408)

We've been taken to task by several women over our suggestion that the HRT Cake should be given to the dog. It's delicious, they tell us. . .

Another reader wonders if the cancer pioneer Ryke Geerd Hamer is German, and yes, he is. . .

One reader feels that the link between macular degeneration and a high-fat diet mentioned last time is part of a conspiracy theory perpetrated by a food industry that wants us to eat processed foods. Our ancestors ate fats with impunity (but possibly not to the extent that we do - Ed). . .

Soya milk mentioned in the HRT Cake recipe may not be so good for you (I have a friend!). It's not always the 'healthy' food it's marketed to be. We've seen the studies too, and we agree. . .

Several people have told us of the amazing therapy that is the Bowen technique. We'll try to look into it sometime soon. . .

Another alternative to steam inhalations is a facial sauna, suggests one reader. . .

Heavens! Something we suggested actually worked (back to the drawing board). A woman tried an apple juice flush for gallstones, which is mentioned on our website. After the seventh day (sounding quite Biblical, now), the woman passed eight pea-sized stones and 20 the size of ball bearings. . .

The woman who sells Mercy Cream asks us to point out that it does not contain shea butter, but is made up of African herbs, and can be used for psoriasis and eczema. We can't recall if we mentioned the product in our E-news or in the printed newsletter, but we're happy to make the clarification.

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