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hat Doctors Don't Tell You


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You might also try drinking liquorice tea, which soothes the gut.

Once your bowel has narrowed, the condition is likely to stay with you. However, you can follow a diet that will avoid impacted bulk, which is likely to lead to infection or cause blockages, says Dr Gaier.

This means avoiding foods such as wheat and other gluten containing grains, which cause gas, distention and bulked up stools. You'll also want to cut down on your consumption of meat and dairy products, sugar and refined carbohydrates.

You may also wish to try an elimination diet to determine if you are allergic to any foods or find certain foods difficult to digest. Both types of foods can cause gas and distention or even result in firm, hard stools. Eat plenty of fish, fruits, rice and vegetables, which are easy on digestion. Also, make sure to have enough to drink.

Fibre, those elements of food that remain undigested by the time they reach your large intestine, are vital in getting food to move more efficiently through the intestinal tract. Fibre allows the stool to bind with large amounts of water, which allows easier and more rapid passage through the intestine. Indeed, the problem is that any gastroenterologist is likely to push bran on you to increase fibre. Avoid bran or any gluten containing fibres like the plague. Instead, you can try flaxmeal or psyllium. You should also avoid eating small seeds.

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