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atural Hormones
Pregnenolone: The Grandmother of All Steroid Hormones

© Ray Sahelian MD

When you take Preg, your body will decide which pathway it will take. Will it go the DHEA way, or progesterone/cortisol/aldosterone direction?

Hans Selye, the well-known pioneer researcher on stress, was one of the first to point out Preg's ability to be converted into different steroids. Back in 1943 he wrote: Pregnenolone distinguishes itself from other steroids because it possesses so many different activities. Thus the compound possesses, at least in traces, every independent main pharmacological action which has hitherto been shown to be exhibited by any steroid hormone. In the light of these observations it was tempting to speculate on the possible role of the compound as an hormone-precursor from which the organism may, according to its needs, produce compounds in which one effect is particularly developed at the expense of other activities of the parent substance. One advantage that Preg has over DHEA is that it is less androgenic, that is, individuals who get acne or facial hair from DHEA would be much less likely to do so on Preg.

How Soon Will I Notice an Effect from Preg?
Most users who take 10 mg will feel an effect within one to three days. However, it is advised to take no more than 5 mg daily and to take frequent breaks.

What Time of Day Should I Take Preg?
I recommend that you take it first thing in the morning with breakfast since taking Preg later in the day can lead to insomnia.

Is it Okay if I Self-Medicate with Preg?
Your health care provider should be consulted anytime you plan to use hormone supplements for prolonged periods. After all, Preg is converted to progesterone, DHEA and androgens and estrogens. Taking Preg is not as simple as popping a vitamin C pill.

Is Preg Safe?
Pregnenolone is not a safe hormone supplement since side effects can occur even on dosages less than 10 mg. You should have a good reason to take pregnenolone, supplementation should not be done casually. The following are potential side effects, hence it is best to keep dosages to less than 5 mg a day, and to take frequent breaks.

  • Overstimulation and insomnia -- low doses could be helpful for sleep when taken in the morning.
  • Irritability, anger or anxiety -- low doses could actually ease a person into a relaxed feeling, while higher amounts may lead to irritability.
  • Acne
  • Headaches
  • Possible scalp hair loss if used daily for prolonged periods.
  • Pregnenolone converts into DHEA, which in turn converts into testosterone and possibly on to DHT. Pregnenolone also can be converted into progesterone.
  • Irregularities of heart rhythm, HEART PALPITATIONS, even on as low a dose as 10 mg Unknown effects on the thyroid gland or other organs and tissues.

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