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 Homeopathy: Plants, Animals and Minerals - A New Way of Understanding Materia Medica 

Sankaran also writes of the split in people who need animal remedies between the higher human nature and the lower animal nature. These people may relate to other people as "humans", somehow different from themselves as an animal. "I just don't understand how humans think." "Why are humans so inhumane?"

Or within oneself there can be a despising of the animal part by the human part-sort of a Jekyll and Hyde phenomenon. The animal part is seen as malicious, deceitful, aggressive, and jealous, while the human part is seen as nurturing, loving, warm, friendly and playful. This split can lead to feelings of antagonism with oneself, duality and confusion of identity.

Animal remedies are complex and have lots of issues going on at the same time. There are multiple modalities. Cravings are often for meat, fish and milk.

Animal remedies come from mammal's milk, snake and spider venoms, insect venom and secretions or products of other animals. Some of the animal remedies include Sepia from squid ink, Tarentula, a venomous spider, Lachesis, Naja, Crotalus horridus, venomous snakes, Bufo from toad secretion, Moschus, from musk, Apis, the honeybee, Lac caninum, dog milk,and Lyssin, saliva from a rabid dog.

Minerals, from salt to gold, are inanimate substances which are markedly different from plants and animals, as reflected by the symptoms and issues in their remedy pictures. Minerals are far more structured than animals and plants. For this reason, chemistry is a much more exact science than biology, giving predictable, measureable results. Biological systems are much more variable than mineral relationships. The relationships between elements in the periodic table is fixed and predictable.

The issues of minerals are usually one-dimensional, usually having to do with one or two issues ie. structure, organization, safety and security, specific relationships, finances, or performance. Minerals are slower than plants and animals, more measured and organized. People who need mineral remedies wear plain clothes, or stripes, checks and symmetric or geometric designs. Color is not as important to them. Dress is neat and functional rather than attractive.

Mineral people describe their complaints in an orderly way, using lists,with facts and figures, percentages and chronological order. They are likely to say, "My arthritis started on August 15th, 1982 with in a pain in the little finger of my left hand." They go through their list of symptoms in order, making sure they haven't missed anything. They say they are 35% better after taking the remedy for 10 days. "My blood glucose was 212, but now it has come down to 163.

Minerals can often be found in jobs like accountant, engineer, scientist, computer programmer, mathemetician, manager and quality control or time management consultant where a structured, ordered mind is need for success. These people are steady, reliable and conscientious. Minerals often have a high need for performance and achievement, but the idea of competition is not as strong. More likely will be feelings of responsibility and duty to perform.

Problems come for minerals when they fail to perform or maintain the area of life which is necessary for their security. If they lose their homes, health, relationships, jobs or money. If they are unable to maintain order and function in their lives, they may go to pieces. Mineral people tend to be concerned with what they have and what they could lose, and their relationships with those around them.

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Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman ND, MSWJudyth Reichenberg-Ullman, ND, DHANP, MSW is a licensed naturopathic physician board certified in homeopathic medicine. She graduated with a degree in ...more
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