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 Homeopathy: Parents on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown - Treating Irritability in Children 

Two months later, when Alan's mother brought him in, "he was doing terrific. As perfect as a boy can be." The warts were still gone. The teeth grinding was slight. His attitude had improved considerably. He had occasional temper tantrums, but nothing compared to before. He was not as rebellious and defiant. There was no salivation. The nose picking was occasional. He had a much better relationship with his dog and the other farm animals. He no longer had problems with sensitivity to noise, even hearing the chain saw. His appetite was strong and he had begun to try a lot of new foods. He had no bone aching, though he did experience it briefly. There was no anal itching. He had gas and diarrhea every once in a while.

Now, five and a half months later, Alan continues to do "great" and has not needed a repetition of the Cina.


We gave Brent Chamomilla 200C in a single dose. Chamomilla is the first remedy to consider for fussy, contrary children whose crying and irritability is relieved by being carried. It is an important remedy for otitis which occurs during teething. Chamomilla children become easily frustrated and tend to be whiny, complaining, and restless. They are characteristically thirsty, which was not true of Brent. During a fever, they may have one cold, pale cheek and the other hot and red. Chamomilla

and Cina often present very similarly regarding irritability and contrariness. Chamomilla is more prominent for teething and otitis. Also typical of Chamomilla is green diarrhea.

Brent's mother wrote us one week later to say he was doing much better. He was extremely irritable for two days after taking the remedy, but improved steadily since. She mentioned a few things that she had forgotten to tell me. He had milia on his nose from birth to 6 months. He suffered from periodic diaper rashes in which his buttocks appeared chapped. He also had occasional, transient bright red rashes on is back and upper arms.

Four and a half weeks after the remedy his mother called to report that she had "gotten her baby back". Brent's behavior was much improved.

He had no more otitis. He had a runny nose which he had caught from another baby. He had decreased his nursing to only twice a day. We waited. One month later, his mother called to say his symptoms were returning, so we repeated Chamomilla 200C. This effect of this dose lasted only briefly. Two and a half weeks later, his mother called to say he was pulling on his ears, fussy, and teething. We sent another dose of Chamomilla 200C to take and a dose of Chamomilla 1M in case the 200C didn't act.

Brent did not respond to the Chamomilla 200C, but the 1M potency worked well. We did not see him again until nine months later. He was now 22 months old. We immediately noticed that he had a kind of tough guy look on his face, kind of like someone owed him a favor. His mother reported that he had a couple of bouts of otitis over the past year for which she had sought allopathic treatment. She felt that she had gotten "off the track" of treating him homeopathically and wanted now to get back on course.

He was very irritable (3). "A tough child". (3) He overreacted to things (3). If he was playing with other children and another child touched him, he'd whine (2) and cry (2). If he didn't get his way, he'd cry (3), writhe on the ground (3), and throw a temper tantrum (3). This could happen up to seven times a day, but usually twice. He had an overall "Don't mess with me!" attitude (3). Brent became angry whenever he lost control (2). When outraged, he would yell "My turn, my turn!" The night before, when his mother tried to brush his teeth, he "went berserk".

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Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman ND, MSWJudyth Reichenberg-Ullman, ND, DHANP, MSW is a licensed naturopathic physician board certified in homeopathic medicine. She graduated with a degree in ...more
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