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 Homeopathy: Overcoming Shame 
Edith was 54 when she came to see me to get help with her depression. She was a frustrated artist and had suffered two nervous breakdowns in her early twenties which she described as periods of being incapacitated by fear. She was treated with electroshock therapy from which she had never recovered. She told me with great resentment how she had been held down by the nurses and treated like "a piece of beef". The main theme of Edith's life, she felt, was a loss of identity. Nobody had ever cared about her. She had never felt valued as a human being. She had always been alone. Her childhood was terrible. Both parents were alcoholics and beat her until the age of l3. Her father was cruel, sadistic, and took out his anger by kicking her pet bulldog. At age 9 the boys she was playing with urinated on her. As an adult, she was deeply disillusioned by a charismatic Christian church of which she was a member for five years. She described herself as feeling hollow, as if everything had fallen out of her world. She referred to herself as "the one who God urinated on". Her response was to withdraw and to suppress her tremendous rage and having been "thrown in a trash can" by life. She had daily thoughts of suicide, but would never kill herself because she believed God would punish her if she did. She never cried, but resigned herself to a life of hopelessness and of "no more tomorrows". Her only reason for living was her interest in "good books", the theater and opera, her painting, and in rescuing cats. She told me she had never experienced God's love and that God had be-trayed her. Despite her fear of God's punishment, she loathed and cursed God for having ignored her. Her life was the epitome of humiliation.

There was something about Edith's awful life that drew me to try to help her. I gave her a homeopathic remedy which helps those who loathe their lives and feel utter despair and hopelessness. When Edith called a month later, she admitted , though reluctantly, that she was feeling considerably better about herself and her life. She subsequently quit taking the remedy, said she did not wish to continue with treatment even though I "actually treated her like a human being". I have been told that Edith has rejected not only my help, but that of a number of others who have tried to help her out of the deeply depressing pit of her life.

A second patient, Roberta, age 30, came to me complaining of constant bladder pain, painful vaginal burning, terrible ovarian cramping with her periods, and genital herpes. She told me she felt sick all the time and never felt refreshed after sleeping. She de-scribed herself as shy, withdrawn, intoverted, fearful, anxious, and nervous. She re-ported fearing everything, including life, death, crowds, the dark, and something bad happening. She would suffer from panic attacks in groups of people where she would stiffen, feel faint, breathe shallowly, be unable to talk, and feel like she was emotionally "breaking into a million pieces". She was raised in an authoritarian household where she had to sit quietly with her arms folded. She never said anything, behaved sweetly in order to please her parents and everyone else, and became extremely fearful, withdrawn, and avoided risks at all costs. She described herself as being in a state of permanent "major" depression since the 6th grade, which had left her debilitated. During counseling, I asked her to connect with her frightened child part which said she felt smaller than everyone else, considered all people scary, and would prefer that Roberta live alone in the country on a farm with lots of animals where she could be safe.

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 About The Author
Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman ND, MSWJudyth Reichenberg-Ullman, ND, DHANP, MSW is a licensed naturopathic physician board certified in homeopathic medicine. She graduated with a degree in ...more
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