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Whole Person Wellness Program Wellness Model
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Which of the following is an antioxidant?
Vitamin E
Vitamin B

 Traditional Chinese Medicine: Modern Acupuncture Methods 

Foot motor-sensory area
Parallel to and 1cm lateral to the anterior-posterior line. The line is 3cms long and starts 1 cm posterior to the line representing the sensory area.
Motor and sensory disturbances of the lower limbs and genito-urinary system

Chorea-tremor area
Parallel to and 1.5cms in front of the motor area.
Parkinson's disease and tremor and chorea from any cause.

Vasomotor area
Parallel to and 1.5cms in front of the chorea-tremor area.
Cerebral oedema and hypertension.

Vertigo-auditory area
A 4cm horizontal line with its centre located 1.5cms above the apex of the pinna.
Tinnitus, vertigo and deafness.

1st Speech or usage area
Taking the parietal tubercule as a reference point insert three needles separately at 40° to each other. Each line is 3cms long.
Parietal lobe lesions.

2nd Speech area
This line is 3cms long and starts on a point 2cms posterior-inferior to the parietal tubercule and parallel to the anterior-posterior line.
Nominal aphasia.

3rd Speech area
A 4cms line originating at the midpoint of the vertigo-auditory area and running posteriorly.
Sensory aphasia.

Optic area
This area originates 1cm lateral to the midpoint of the occipital protruberance and runs for 4cms parallel to the anterior-posterior line in an anterior direction.
Cortical blindness.

Balance area
This area originates 3cm lateral to the midpoint of the occipital protruberance and runs for 4cms parallel to the anterior-posterior line in an anterior direction.
Cerebellar disease

Gastric area
A line directly above the pupil starting from the hairline and running for 2cms in a posterior direction parallel to the anterior-posterior line.
Epigastric discomfort.

Thoracic area
Midway between the anterior-posterior midline and gastric area. It is a 4cms line with its midpoint on the hairline, running parallel to the gastric area.
Respiratory and cardio-vascular diseases.

Reproduction area
A 2cms line parallel to the gastric area originating at the hair line and running posteriorly. The thoracic area and reproduction area originate at points equidistant from the gastric area.
Uterine haemorrhage.

II. Needling Technique

Skin Sterility
It is important to sterilize the skin before inserting the needle. The Chinese use a solution of 2.5% iodine and 75% alcohol to do this. Hair is not usually a problem and it can be parted to expose the scalp, but if long-term scalp therapy is required then it may be easier to shave the scalp area.

Needle Insertion
The Chinese usually insert a 2-inch or 3-inch needle into the scalp area, running it down the subcutaneous layer. This requires a great deal of dexterity with an acupuncture needle and it is easier to use several short consecutively connecting needles over the scalp area.

(Excerpted from Modern Chinese Acupuncture)
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