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 Naturopathic Medicine : Migraines 

  • Perhaps your migraine is because you dislike against being driven; you're resisting the flow of life.

  • Migraine headaches are often involved with anger.

  • Chronic pain syndrome develops as a result of having chronically negative attitudes and/or unconscious emotional response mechanisms that keep a person continually in stress. Chronic attitude problems are so much a part of a person's self-image that he or she does not recognize them as separate from the personality. Nothing is more difficult to identify than our assumed 'natural' ways of being in the world that are essentially patterns we have developed to help us cope. Certain body parts suceptible to chronic negative patterns include the spine, the stomach (as in ulcers), and the head (tension and migraine headaches).

  • Perhaps you have sexual fears. This migraine can usually be relieved by masturbation.

  • Migraine, according to some psychology researchers, is always a displacement of sexuality into the head. Whereas sufferers from tension headaches are trying to separate their heads from their bodies, migraine patients are transferring one particular bodily theme, sexuality, into their heads and trying to live it out at this level instead. Sexual expression exists on both of the possible poles: either patients have banished their sexuality from their lives ("I don't want to have anything to do with such things"), or they are anxious to impress on everybody what a marvelous sex life they have.

  • Physiologically, a migraine attack is in some ways like an orgasm in the head, as tension reverts to relaxation (dilation of the blood vessels) at climax. Sometimes several orgasms are necessary for relaxation to set in and the attack to come to an end. It is also relevant that digestive disturbances and constipation are high on the list of migraine patients' side-symptoms; in other words such people are 'closed up' at the lower level. Married couples tend to use their 'migraines' as an excuse for not having sex.
    Are There Any Subtle Energy Medicine Techniques Effective For Migraines?
    Flower essences, popularized earlier this century by the British physician Edward Bach, are especially helpful for migraines induced by some kind of emotional upset. The following may be considered, although it will probably be more effective for you to consult with someone trained in the use of flower essences:
    • cerato
    • centaury
    • holly
    • red chestnut
    • hornbeam
    • white chestnut
    • scleranthus
    • gentian
    • oak
    • aloe vera
    • angelica
    • bleeding heart
    • chaparrel
    • vine
    • mimulus
    • water violet
    • pine
    • cherry plum, or
    • rescue remedy which is the widely used combination flower essence formula useful for any symptom caused by emotional trauma. Works great for kids who get minor scrapes and bruises, but cry hysterically because they are startled, or want attention. Comes in a creme or droplet (weak alcohol tincture) form.

    A newer form of vibrational medicine is the use of sound for healing. Some health care providers with specail training can determine "missing" tones from the patient's voice, and then use a machine to produce the missing tone, thus filling in the harmonic spectrum of the patient's major form of expression (the voice), thus restoring balance and vitality, and presumably helping relieve any symptoms of distress. A qualified sound therapist may help reduce or eliminate your migraines.

    Color, either by wearing clothes of certain colors, or placing claer plastic colored gels over light sources in your environment, can reduce all sorts of physical, mental and emotional ailments. In particular, for migraines, the following colors should be considered. During the migraine:
    • purple raises the threshold of pain and is soporific if directed towards the face, throat and chest.

    • scarlet can raise blood pressure via three effects: vascoconstrictor, raises heart rate, calms the kidneys. Be careful, however, because migraines are more usually associated with higher blood flow. For those with migraines due to decreased blood flow, scarlet may be effectively directed towards the face may for relief.

    Between migraines try:
    • lemon (helps to dissolve blood clots) and yellow (acts on the motor nerves, thereby helping to energize muscles; acts on the lymphatic system as it is a mild tissue stimulant) for 2 weeks, then

    • lemon and orange (as decongestants) for 4 weeks

    • this is repeated for as long as is necessary

    For right sided migraines try:
    • blue over the liver for 5 minutes

    • blue on the face

    In general, great healing colors for migraines are the colors associated with the upper "chakras" (energy centers along the spine), which are violet, indigo, blue, and green.

    Some people will find gems and semi-precious stones, worn as jewelry or placed in special locations around the home, will help restore balance and bring a sense of peace and well-being. Some gems to consider for migraine are:
    • Ruby
    • Cat's Eye
    • Sapphire
    • Amethyst
    • Sugulite

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     About The Author
    Emily Kane NDA graduate of Bastyr University in Seattle, she completed both the Naturopathic and Acupuncture/Oriental Medicine programs. Her preceptor work (similar to residencies) took place in Seattle, West Virginia and China,......more
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