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 Homeopathy: Men's Health Problems 

We want to point out that the symptoms of all urethral infections, even when caused by gonorrhea, are largely evidence of the body's efforts to heal and remove the aggressive germs. Inflammation brings blood to the area so that more white blood cells, antibodies, and other components of the body's immune system are available to help destroy the bacteria. The extra blood also helps carry away dead cells and speeds the replacing of tissue damaged by the infection. The discharge flushes away debris and dead bacteria and blood cells, as well as infecting germs. Still, we strongly recommend antibiotic treatment, along with homeopathic treatment, for anyone with gonorrhea or Chlamydia urethral infections.

Discharges are uncommon in children but may develop if a child has put something in the urethra. A child with a penile discharge needs medical care.

Bladder infections
Unlike women, males rarely get bladder infections (cystitis), because the male urethra is longer and not so near the anus. A bladder infection in a boy or man is often evidence that something is structurally wrong with the urinary organs, and he must be evaluated by a urologist.

General Home Care
Home treatment of urethritis should be begun whether or not you ultimately take antibiotics. Drink extra fluids and urinate frequently to wash the germs out of the urethra. You should pay attention to the general health practices of resting, eating a simple and nutritious diet, and avoiding stress, for these enable the bodyís own defenses to better fight the germs and heal the inflamed tissue.

Homeopathic Medicines

Casetaking Questions for Urethritis

  • What is the color and consistency of the discharge from the penis?
  • If there is pain, what is its character: cutting (sharp), burning, or otherwise?


  • At what time of day are the symptoms worst?
  • Is ejaculation painful?

    Other symptoms:

  • Does the urine smell unusually strong?

    Remedy Summary for Urethritis
    Even if antibiotics are prescribed, homeopathic medicines should also be given, particularly if symptoms continue after completing antibiotic treatment. Give the medicine: Twice a day for up to five days. As soon as the symptoms have improved significantly, repeat the dose only when they worsen again. When to try another medicine: If there is no improvement after 2 days (wait until the third day to make this decision).

    Natrum muriaticum


  • Thin discharge that is clear, mucousy, or milky in color

    Confirmatory symptoms

  • Discharge appears clear when it is wet but leaves yellow spots on the underwear
  • Cutting or burning pains at the urethral opening during or after urination or just as urination is finished
  • Painless discharge



  • Thick mucus or pus accompanied by inflammation and burning pain of the urethra

    Confirmatory symptoms

  • Discharge white, yellow, or green
  • Symptoms often worse at night



  • Thin or mucousy discharges with burning pain during ejaculation; or
  • The general symptoms of the medicine are evident (see materia medica section)

    Nitric Acid


  • Burning pain during ejaculation
  • Thick, greenish or yellowish discharge
  • (Excerpted from Everybody's Guide to Homeopathic Medicine ISBN: 0874776414)
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    Dana Ullman, MPHDANA ULLMAN, MPH, is one of America's leading advocates for homeopathy. He has authored 10 books, including ...more
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