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 Integrative Medicine: Measles  

Ginger tea can be effective against a fever. It is most helpful for the child who tends to feel cold, especially in the hands and feet. To decrease chills and increase perspiration, snuggle your child under light covers after giving her the tea. Give your child one dose, four times daily, for one day. If your child finds the taste too pungent, mix the tea with fruit juice.

Shiitake mushrooms have immure-stimulating properties. They may be eaten fresh, or taken in capsule form. Give a child twelve years old or older one capsule, three times a day, as long as signs of infection are present.

Give your child cool oatmeal baths to lessen the itching. Wrap a handful of oatmeal in a washcloth and let it soak in your child's bath water. For extra relief, gently rub the oatmeal-filled washcloth over your child's skin.

Choose the most appropriate symptom-specific remedy from the suggestions that follow and give your child one dose, every two hours, up to a total of four doses a day, for up to two days.

Apis mellifica 30x or 9c is recommended for a child who has a swollen throat and difficulty breathing, and has a cough that causes pain in the chest. This child does not feel thirsty and is less comfortable in a warm room.

Choose Arsenicum album 30x or 9c if your child is restless but weak, feels worse after midnight, and wants frequent small drinks. This child's skin may be itchy, and she may have diarrhea as well.

Belladonna 30x or 9c is the remedy for a child who has a high fever, red eyes, and a flushed face, and complains of a throbbing head and difficulty swallowing.

Gelsemium 30x or 9c is for the feverish child with droopy eyes and a croupy cough, who complains of feeling chilly and having a runny nose. This child's rash is likely to be very red and itchy, and she may have a headache.

Pulsatilla 30x or 9c is helpful for a child who is tearful, with eyes that are sticky, discharging, and very sensitive to light. This child's rash is dark red and spotty. She has thick yellow nasal mucus and a cough that is dry at night but looser during the day. She may have an upset stomach as well.

For the locations of acupressure points on a child's body, see ADMINISTERING AN ACUPRESSURE TREATMENT.

Four Gates helps to relax a feverish child.

General Recommendations
To prevent dehydration, encourage a feverish child to drink plenty of fluids. The increased metabolic rate that results from a fever causes the body to lose fluids rapidly.

Make sure your child gets plenty of rest. Keep the lights in your child's room dim.

Give your child an echinacea and goldenseal combination formula.

Select and administer a symptom-specific homeopathic remedy.

To promote perspiration and bring down a moderate to high temperature, give your child fever-reducing herbal tea.

If your child is uncomfortable and restless, give her soothing and calming chamomile tea.

Give your child vitamin C with bioflavonoids, zinc, and vitamin A.

If your child has the measles, be alert for signs that a secondary infection may be developing. If symptoms seem to get worse, or if new symptoms develop, seek medical advice.

(Excerpted from Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child ISBN: 1583331395)
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Janet Zand LAc, OMDJANET ZAND, O.M.D., L.Ac. is a nationally respected author, lecturer, practitioner and herbal products formulator whose work has helped thousands of people achieve better health....more
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