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Many approaches are used to reduce the effects of stress, including relaxation, meditation, yoga and stress avoidance. Whole body pulsed magnetic fields (PMFs) is the new, simple, easily useable approach to reducing the physical response to the effects of daily stress. We all know that a relaxed and well-rested body and mind are more productive and enable us to maximize the effectiveness of accomplishing daily tasks. With ongoing use of PMFs individuals have observed a calmer happier lifestyle for themselves and their families too.

As we want to see real improvement with stress relief, seeing results and changes are real concerns with this new health concept. Immediate changes that may be experienced are calmness or drowsiness and increased warmth to the body with increased circulation. Others may experience slight tingling, relief from discomfort and "tipsy" after a treatment. Some people see deepened and clearer breathing, relief from body aches and better sleep that night. Some people need a few days to a few weeks to feel more energy, have body aches go away and see an improvement in their sleep. Thirty days is the optimal time to see distressing occur throughout the different areas of one’s lifestyle.

As people are busy with full schedules adding something new to their schedules is always a concern. The beauty of fitting PMF's into a daily routine is that it is as easy as lying on a bed or in a chair. Magnopro can be used while watching TV, opening the mail, talking on the phone, holding a loved-one, reading, filing finger nails or simply relaxing! No pills or exercise. Simply lie down to get all these benefits.

Pulsed magnetic fields can be used safely on babies, animals and adults of all ages. Pulsed magnetic fields are noninvasive and nontoxic, which makes them ideal for gradual body rebalancing. There are no undesirable side effects. If a dull headache, increased thirst, slight fatigue and achy muscles are initially experienced, increased water intake is needed. These symptoms will clear when toxics have released from the body. Contraindications do include use of pulsed magnetic fields for people with severe mycosis or epilepsy who should consult a doctor before use. It is not recommended for use by pregnant women or by people with heart pacemakers.

Using PMF's could very likely lower a family’s overall health care costs. Ongoing lifetime use of pulsed magnetic fields lowers stress levels in the body. This can prevent disease before it starts. Taking this kind of preventative approach will lower health care costs overall by reducing the need for more costly treatments such as medications and surgery. >From this perspective, pulsed magnetic fields used regularly should be able to prevent or reverse many of the long-term effects of stress that all of us experience daily.

Pulsed magnetic fields will continue to be the choice of educated consumers as a new approach to "pure prevention" in health care. Now, optimizing health and lifestyle only takes 15 minutes of whole body relief. Magnopro augments sleep and relieves body aches, the body better receives nutrients; detoxification and water absorption are also increased.

To learn more about this new health and lifestyle trend, please go to or call toll free 877-354-7152 to learn about a 30-day trial.

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