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 Magnetic Field Therapy : Magnets Passe... Pulsed Magnetic Fields Entree!  
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The final opinion given by The Arthritis Foundation is that pulsed magnetic fields look promising for the pain and mobility related to arthritis disorders, appear to have no side effects and that they might be worth a try. At the time of publication, these treatments were not available in the United States. Recently, this treatment has become available with the introduction of a new in-home self-care product called Magnopro. Safe, long-lasting beneficial actions are created in only 15 minutes by simply lying down on a full body mattress. A small pillow addresses stressed areas of the body. The unit is operated with a control panel that is plugged into a wall socket.

Benefits of PEMF'S - Stress Reduction
Pulsed magnetic fields have already been in use in Europe for at least 30 years. What has been found with the ongoing use of pulsed magnetic fields to the body is an induction of electrons, which creates a natural resonance that the body and its cells recognize and work to maintain. The human body is electro-magnetic in nature. We all know the brain and nervous system are electrical. By adding a balancing charge to the cells, the cells are calibrated. Thus, with continued use individuals have found they feel more vital because their cells are better utilizing the water, food and air they take in. Increased elimination of waste byproducts also occur.

There is much experimental evidence that almost all biological systems are highly sensitive to the low magnetic fields generated by PMFs, with a wide range of biologic effects. Research, on humans and animals, has shown that PMFs alter stress responses by acting directly on the nervous system, cells, tissues and organs. Research has shown the following benefits: improvements in circulation, reduction of pain, muscle relaxation, reduction of swelling, decreased inflammation, improved oxygenation in the tissues, and a better nights sleep. Reducing stress factors in the body will also allow individuals to become proactive in slowing the aging process. Pulsed magnetic fields have these general actions on the body, and when these actions are understood, individuals will understand how they can help themselves for a lifetime.

Most importantly from a preventative perspective, pulsed magnetic fields manage and prevent stress reactions in the body. Once a stress reaction occurs, it can take hours, even days to recover. Since the effects of stress are also cumulative, a daily routine of reducing the physiologic response becomes necessary to ward off long-term damage and ensuing physical problems.

The stress response causes the brain to release chemicals that stimulate the nervous system. Adrenaline is pumped into the bloodstream along with extra sugar and fat, from body stores, for energy to fuel muscles. Mental activity is focused; some organs slow their activity, while others accelerate it. The muscles tense up, the breathing rate increases, there may be tightness in the chest and queasiness in the stomach. In a high stress state, most of these reactions will be present. In a lower stress state only one or several may be present and in varying degrees.

Though, mild chronic daily stress causes untold damage to humans, research has shown that pulsed magnetic fields produce a number of general anti-stress changes in the body, both to ward off stress, that is, create stress resistance, and to decrease the hormonal, immune, neurologic, soft tissue, cardiac, vascular, low pH and low-oxygen damage caused by stress. Since the effects of stress are also cumulative, a daily routine of reducing the physiologic response becomes necessary to ward off long-term damage and ensuing physical problems like irritability, headaches, hypertension, gastritis, arrhythmias, depression, fatigue, immune deficiencies, etc.

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