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Which of the following in NOT a direct benefit of a regular walking regimen?
Reduce Stress
Improved immune function
Achieving ideal weight.
Improved sugar metabolism

 Integrative Medicine: Lyme Disease 

C Potencies
The c, also derived from the Roman numeral decimal system, represents 100. A c potency indicates that a mother tincture has undergone dilutions to one part in 100; the number preceding the c indicates how many dilutions it has undergone. Thus, a 3c potency indicates that the substance has been diluted to one part in 103 three times. As with x potencies, the higher the number, the stronger the remedy.

In home treatment, it is usually sufficient to use the lower potencies, such as 12x, 30x, 6c, and 9c. Many homeopaths agree that once you have identified the correct remedy, it will work regardless of potency.

If you are lucky, you may live in an area where you have access to a homeopathic pharmacy that specializes in homeopathic remedies. If not, check with your local health food store. Major health food stores across the United States usually carry a comprehensive selection of homeopathic remedies. If you don't find what you're looking for, many health food shops will special-order for you. A list of recommended suppliers of homeopathic remedies is also provided in the Appendix.

Proper storage and handling of homeopathic remedies is extremely important. They are sensitive and a certain amount of care must be taken in order not to diminish their potency or interfere with their action. Keep remedies out of sunlight and extreme heat, and away from strong smells. Avoid touching homeopathic remedies with your hands, and do not put any pellets that fall out of the bottle back in. Also, never touch the inner rim or the inside of a remedy bottle or lid.

Common Homeopathic Remedies
Remedy Indications
Aconite Very often the first remedy for acute problems, especially if shock or fright is part of the picture.
Antimonium tartaricum Rattling cough with breathlessness.
Apis mellifica Insect bites that are red and swollen.
Argentum nitricum Stomachache from eating sweets; nervousness; for a child who craves fatty foods; for a child who craves stimulation.
Arnica Bruises; sprains; strains. Can be taken internally or administered topically
(but do not use topically if the skin is broken).
Arsenicum album First remedy for food poisioning; diarrhea with anxiety; a cold with restlessness.
Belladonna Fever; acute problems with sudden onset, red face, dilated pupils; headache.
Bryonia Dry cough; constipation; achiness; irritability.
Calcarea carbonica Teething; digestive problems in babies; for a chubby, chilly infant;
for a child who is slow to walk, teethe, read, etc.
Cantharis Burns; burning sensation associated with urinary tract infections.
Chamomilla First teething remedy to try; relaxant for teething infant.
Coffea cruda Difficulty falling asleep due to racing thoughts, such as what might occurr the night before a big test or other major events in a child's life.
Colocynthis Menstrual cramps that are sharp and stabbing; diarrhea cramps.
Drosera Spasmodic, dry cough; coughing that is worse at night.
Dulcamara Symptoms that are made worse by damp weather or seasonal temperature changes.
Ferrum phosphoricum Mild fever; nosebleed.
Gelsemium Cold symptoms that include heavy, droopy eyes, weakness, achy muscles, chills; nervousness before a performance.
Hepar sulphuris Hypersensitivity to pain; yellow mucus; symptoms that feel worse from cold drafts, better with warmth.
Hypericum Nerve pain; trauma to nerve endings, especially of the fingers and toes.
Kali bichromicum A cough with thick, ropy mucus.
Kali muriaticum Tonsilitis; sinusitis; for a child with yellow mucus.
Ledum Black-and-blue bruises; puncture wounds; black eye.
Lycopodium Problems affecting the right side of the body; reactions to food;
for a child who looks older than his years.
Magnesia phosphorica Menstrual cramps that feel better with heat on the lower abdomen,
especially cramps on the right side of the body; diarrhea.
Mercurius dulcis Ear infection.
Natrum muriaticum Dehydration; emotional upset with strong desire for salty foods; acne; canker sores.
Nux vomica Hypersensitivity and irratability; indigestion; for a child who likes to go to bed late; for a child who craves rich foods.
Phosphorus Sore throat; tiredness during the day and difficulty sleeping at night;
for a sensitive child.
Pulsatilla Nasal congestion with yellow mucus; cold symptoms; earache;
for a child who cries easily.
Rhus toxicodendron Chickenpox; poison ivy.
Ruta graveolens Tendinitis; sprains of wrist or ankle.
Sepia Menstrual cramps; constipation; for a child who feels better with exercise.
Spongia Laryngitis; hacking cough.
Sulphur Pinworms; skin infections; head lice; ringworm.
Thuja After vaccinations; warts; athlete's foot, thrush.
Urtica urens Burns; can be taken internally or applied topically.
(Excerpted from Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child ISBN: 1583331395)
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