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 Tips from Fitness Trainers: Learn Your Body 
Body toning, fat reduction and muscular strength development --by way of exercise-- has always been more effective (and safe) when the applicant understands the technical aspects of each movement incorporated into their workout routines. One doesn’t have to become a biology professor to attain fitness success. But rather, the [basic] capability to identify and understand the muscles --and their physiological responsibilities-- is important to maximize results.

On that note, I must emphasize that exercising your body begins as a mental process, not a physical one. It’s the mind that operates and controls the body. And the better the mind understands the individual components of the human anatomical machine the better that machine will perform. Plain and simple; anatomical knowledge is an integral part of health and performance success.

Think about it (now that’s a real mental pun), it’s your mind that gets you curious, frustrated, depressed, excited, motivated, aroused, educated, disciplined, confidant, and a plethora of other psychological characteristics.

And its those characteristics that drives us into doing things physically. Whether it’s brushing our teeth, throwing away the garbage, taking the dog for a walk, or exercising, all physical actions [must] begin with a mental thought and command.

Some folks are very familiar with many of the aforementioned mental emotions. Others, at one time or another, have experienced these negative feelings then, with education and proper conditioning, applied themselves to attain positive mental traits. The ideal state to strive for in developing a supreme state of health is to 1) Analyze your weaknesses (the mental and physical ones), 2) Design practical (and sensible) routine/s that will address those needs, then 3), Perform the routine/s with eagerness using a wise methodical approach.

All three steps are mentally associated. The 3rd, and final, step is the only phase that requires physical actions, unless you had to jog each day to the classroom where you acquired your knowledge. So as climbers first studies photographs of the mountains they are planning to climb, it’s the mind that develops the "know how" and "want to" to reach those peaks.

anatomical knowledge is an integral part of health and performance success

Learning your body can be a simple systematic procedure which brings science into the exercise room --and dinner table-- adding wisdom to your lifestyle. This article is not meant to educate you on all you need to know to get into terrific shape --there’s simply not enough room. But rather, I’m writing this to commence my participation as consulting fitness editor with Healthy & Natural and to disclose some valuable information that can positively change your lives. All you need to do is listen, learn and apply.

Now, it’s not my objective to become your fitness guru. Actually, I always hated that title because I would feel so obligated to placing a turban around my head, burn incense and chant as I taught exercise. Rather, I want to become your "go-do" --I give the advise and design the plans then you go do it.

Great athletes, even the ones who are physically training 6 to 8 hours every day, study. They strive to learn their bodies searching for a continual fortification of what they already know and aspire to learn as much as they can to gain the edge over their competition.
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 About The Author
John Abdo JOHN ABDO is regarded world wide as an authority on life motivation, health, fitness and athletic conditioning. As a former Olympic trainer, John has trained numerous Olympic and World-Class athletes, including Bonnie......more
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