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 Reiki: Integrative Health Care 

Although ecology is a scientific discipline, its principles have not yet been utilized in health care. The refinements of prevention and maintaining balance are complex and subtle. The high technology favored by conventional medicine for early detection may not be useful in prevention.

Traditional medical systems address not only the physical body, but also the subtle vibrational field that surrounds and interpenetrates it. Traditional healers use highly refined intuitive skills to identify imbalance at subtle levels, beyond the reach of technology, where it is easiest to recover balance. Ayurveda, for example, recognizes six levels of disease. Conventional medicine can detect pathology only at the final, grossest level, the proverbial tip of the iceberg, supported by many layers of "invisible" imbalance. Palliation is still possible at this final stage of disease, and the progress of disease may be slowed, but complete reversal, including both cure of the disease and overall rebalancing, is considered at best to be difficult to accomplish.

Stress is unavoidable. Reiki treatment rebalances the subtle vibrational body, creating profound relaxation and reducing the degenerative biochemical effects of chronic stress. Reiki appears to guide the system to a profound state of relaxation in which the body’s innate healing and self-regulating mechanisms reboot, returning the various systems of the body to harmonious, efficient functioning. There is no way to measure the preventive benefits that might accrue through regular Reiki treatment. Each person must gauge the value of Reiki from considering what is known about the degenerative effects of stress, the effectiveness of Reiki to reduce stress, and his or her own experience and intuition.

Medical Intuition
What is medical intuition and can it help me?

Medical intuition can be an invaluable support to well-being if the intuitive is clear and credible, and if the information is used with intelligence and common sense. Medical intuition enables one to identify often subjective areas where we can strengthen our wellness, providing highly personalized care which physicians have historically extended their patients, but which has been largely lost as the practice of medicine became increasingly involved in technology.

Patients with serious medical conditions may feel simultaneously grateful for state-of-the-art conventional medical care and disempowered by the process of receiving that care. The seemingly exclusive focus on the wizardry of high technology in conventional care supports a reductionist view of the human body as a machine. Patients can become overwhelmed and passive as they feel themselves shifting from being a person to being a collection of parts. Passivity on the part of the patient makes it easy for hopelessness and depression to take hold, which does not bode well for medical outcomes. Patients need to support their healing between medical visits, and physicians need to acknowledge the value of engaging the patient in the processes of both curing disease and regaining health and well-being.

Medical intuition can help patients regain a sense of control by bringing attention to areas of well-being and lifestyle where they can become active partners in their health care. Such information is rarely offered in conventional health care. For example, a medical intuitive may sense a particular change in eating or social patterns that would support healing, or help the patient identify ways to self-nourish. Although a medical intuitive does not diagnose in the medical sense, the intuitive may bring awareness to a significant aspect of the condition or an obstacle to healing that is not receiving attention.

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 About The Author
Pamela Miles Pamela Miles, founding president of the Institute for the Advancement of Complementary Therapies (I*ACT), has 35 years experience as a clinician, educator and lecturer in natural healing.......more
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