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Breathing Quiz
Which of the following health conditions is not directly benefited by breathing exercises?
lower Remedies
Indications For the Use of Homeopathic Flower Remedies
(Alphabetically listed by Common Plant Name)

© Leslie J. Kaslof

For those who conceal deep troubles behind a cheerful care-free mask, and rarely wish to impose their personal problems on others. Easily distressed by arguments, they will "give in" just to achieve a peaceful solution. They often turn to alcohol and drugs to escape their pain.

For those troubled by unknown vague fears, anxiety, foreboding, and apprehension.

For those who are hyper-critical, and easily annoyed by the habits, idiosyncrasies, and differences of others.

For those who have difficulty saying no, often denying their own needs for the sake of others. Those who are easily exploited.

For those lacking confidence in their ability to make decisions, too often turning to others for advice.

For fear of losing control of thoughts or actions, or doing something impulsively which is known to be wrong.

For those who repeatedly make the same mistakes and are unable to learn from past experience. They often repeat negative patterns of behavior, and/or relationships.

For those who are possessive, feeling they know what is best for those close to them. They often do not feel fully appreciated and consider it the duty of those they care for to be devoted, and to stay in close contact with them.

For those who are dreamy, drowsy, and lack concentration. Their thoughts are rarely in the present. They often withdraw into a fantasy world to escape present unhappiness.

For those with a poor self-image who are ashamed of their physical condition and or appearance. For feelings of shame over having been personally violated, or for the fear of being, or having been, contaminated. Those who are compulsive regarding cleanliness even to the extreme.

For those engaged in tasks which seem too difficult to complete. Those who are temporarily overwhelmed and burdened by their responsibilities.

For those easily discouraged by small delays and hindrances that cause hesitation and self-doubt. They often find it difficult to pick up and start over again. For the pessimist who tends to make "mountains out of molehills."

For feelings of hopelessness and despair.

For those who seek the company of any who will listen to their troubles. Over-talkative, they tend to steer conversations back to their own problems and are reluctant to discontinue talking even when the listener has to leave.

For those who are jealous, suspicious, and untrusting of other people's intentions. They can be spiteful, and may find themselves lacking warmth and compassion toward others.

For those who dwell in memories of the past, on lost loved ones, or unfulfilled ambitions. Often reminiscing about the good old days wishing life could be lived over again as it was.

For fatigue and tiredness often due to boredom or procrastination. For that "Monday morning" feeling. Those who feel the need to be strengthened, mentally or physically, yet once activities are begun tiredness is no longer an issue.

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