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 Detoxification Programs: Immortality and Beyond 

"We suffer to learn until we learn that we do not have to suffer to learn. Then we can recognize that we are choosing the intensity of our experiences. Remaining conscious through inner listening is the tool to learning without suffering. Loving and forgiving ourselves and others is the key to inner peace."
Marilena Silbey

Macromedicine deals with the care of humanity; micromedicine deals with the care of the individual. We all need to incorporate both aspects of this knowledge into healing and our health care system. Caring for ourselves individually and as families can easily extend to populations and the earth itself. For long-term health, it is important to learn to care for our body in relationship to the world from a very early age. Much of the basic information in this book and much of my future life are dedicated to teaching young people. A collective work with my associate Bethany ArgIsle, to be entitled The Earth Children’s Universal Health Guide, is currently in progress.

It is also essential to correct problems early and not let long-term negligence lead to chronic disease or emergencies. Most emergencies are a result of neglecting little issues and details of health or trying to remain unconscious and resist inner guidance and awareness. In The Medicine of the Sun and Moon, Manly P. Hall states:

Health rests upon the simple concept that there is a universal harmony which can be found everywhere and in everything. Man, by his indiscretions, deprives himself of the natural benefits which heaven bestows. The individual who breaks the rules does not destroy rhythms of infinite life but inhibits the supply of vitality moving through his own body, thereby depriving himself of his proper share of this universal energy.
Learning preventive measures early is important, and treating current mild diseases effectively probably affects the likelihood of chronic illness and longevity. Stress both arises from and influences our physical health. When our physical health is poor, greater psychological and emotional stresses may occur as well. It is important to handle these early to avoid the vicious cycle of poor health, stress, lack of vitality, stress, poor health.

In terms of basic health care, nutritional and botanical medicine are the core healers and preventive measures. Homeopathy practice is a fascinating science with many supporters, and it seems to be a very useful natural therapeutic approach. Herbs and diet can help rebalance us and heal specific problems, especially when handled early. Foods and herbs are also aligned with seasonal medicine. The changes in weather affect the availability of certain foods and plants, and naturally they correlate with our cyclical needs. The spring cleansers and tonics are the many greens and roots. The summer rejuvenators are the fruits, vegetables, and flowers. In the autumn and winter, more roots and building foods are available, which provide more heat to feed our furnace and protect us from the changing climate. It all fits together perfectly as we let it.

Healing has to do with integrating the body, mind, and spirit and releasing the energy flows in the body. Pain is held in place by resistance generated by anger, frustration, or fear of the worst, be it disease or death. Increasing tensions lead to increasing tissue disease, which is then harder to heal. Problems can even go beyond healing potential, especially when surgery is done and organs are removed.

Pain and limitation lead to much disease. We need to handle this early. Acupuncture, both by needle and electrical stimulation, can help move energy/pain and reestablish homeostasis. Many body therapies can be an important mode of treatment, close in importance to foods and botanicals. Laying on of hands with love and openness can allow these body resistances and pains to be released. Massage, acupressure, chiropractic therapy, and many other modalities can all provide "natural" healing. Allowing the energy channels to open again will allow our life force to flow freely and create health and vitality. We need to have people around us who understand and are supportive of this process—that of living life!

In our ideal life we want to associate ourselves with a philosopher-physician who can connect with the entire family and provide preventive and therapeutic care, knowledge of natural medicine, and guidance in harmonious living. If sickness requires stronger medicines or surgery, the doctor could provide these or recommend specialists in those fields. Knowing the limits of our own knowledge is essential to effective treatment, as is getting our ego out of the way and letting our intuition guide us in the best approach for healing. Doctors should know that they are servants of nature and God. We are here to support healing and create health, and ultimately we all must begin with ourselves.

We do this by turning to our spiritual essence and developing our communion with our inner guidance and God. An appreciation of the Heavenly Father, or Spirit, and the Heavenly Mother, or Earth, is inherent in this reverence for life. When we live within the natural laws of the universe, we approach immortality, and our spirit is enhanced. In an article called "Healing Ourselves and Healing Our Planet," Robert Muller suggests that our spiritual development allows us to be in greater harmony with

    the planet,
      the heavens,
        the time cycles,
          others and our family,
            and our self.

Spiritual development arises from listening within and allows us to gain wisdom and elevate our consciousness. As immortalists, we believe that anything is possible. With Jesus’ 40-day fast, he was allowed access to all planes of travel—horizontally through people, vertically between God and earth, inwardly through his depths, and interdimensionally through time and truth. Christ continues to be present as he lives on immortally in the hearts and minds of many of his followers, as do other saintly beings who have ascended from the bonds of Earth, such as Buddha, Lao-tse, Gandhi, and those who have become immortal in our hearts.

We, too, can live with this sense of immortality with our individual spiritual development. Understanding nature and the universe, we know that order and discipline are important to this spiritual path. Yet, with the pursuit and unfoldment of our individual path within the harmony of the universe, we can create both a healthy body and life and a healthy, vital, and eternal world. Healing our planet begins with each of us and our commitment to being the best and healthiest that we can be. Peace be in you.

(Excerpted from Staying Healthy with Nutrition ISBN: 1587611791)
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Elson Haas MDElson M. Haas, MD is founder & Director of the Preventive Medical Center of Marin (since 1984), an Integrated Health Care Facility in San Rafael, CA and author of many books on Health and Nutrition, including ...more
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